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More from Gruene

5 Commentsby   |  10.24.11  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2011


Από το iPad μου


  1. Lorraine
    8:13 pm, 10.24.11

    Dora – love your photos. The one of Nil and Tecia is precious!

  2. Nil
    11:01 pm, 10.24.11

    Agreed! Love this one. :)

  3. Suanna Davis
    12:39 am, 10.25.11

    You already know I love the motorcycle and the marbles. Yes, you do have an eye.

    I also like the architectural door and light picture, which I don’t remember having seen before.

    I know the pics weren’t sideways on your iPad. Do you think they were turned on the iPad, but stayed in their original configuration when you emailed them?

    The boots are a good shot, too. I wanted to get a good one of the boots, but I did not succeed in that. Glad you did.

    • Dora Weathers
      9:33 am, 10.25.11

      Suanna, I don’t know how my photos ended up side ways, they are not on my ipad. I will ask Kyle at lunch time. Thanks for the encouragement, I had such a blast taking them, I am ready to shoot some more.

  4. Suanna Davis
    7:26 am, 10.25.11

    Hey, Dora. I put the pics of you up on my ACU blog:

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