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3 Commentsby   |  10.24.11  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2011

When I arrived in Gruene, I had used my camera three times for a total of about twenty pictures and had two fifteen minute introductions to my SLR. I spent Friday taking pictures, without knowing much about exposure or aperture. Then we had a few workshops on Saturday and, if you could see my pictures in time order, you would know that I got better.

On Sunday I have excellent pictures which did not need to be lightened, defined, cropped, or highlighted. Two solid days and some instruction–and over 1000 pictures later–I had learned how to take pictures of what I wanted to be good at: landscapes.

These are my 10 favorite pictures. I had no trouble narrowing to 42, but going to 10 was much harder! (So, yeah, you got all ten, not just four.)

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  1. Suanna Davis on More from Gruene
    7:26 am, 10.25.11

    Hey, Dora. I put the pics of you up on my ACU blog:

  2. Suanna Davis on Behind the Scenes - KD
    12:55 am, 10.25.11

    I also like the playfulness in the Luttrell’s photo.

  3. Suanna Davis on Biker
    12:54 am, 10.25.11

    Love this picture! Wonderful color, composition, and textures.

  4. Suanna Davis on More from Gruene
    12:39 am, 10.25.11

    You already know I love the motorcycle and the marbles. Yes, you do have an eye.

    I also like the architectural door and light picture, which I don’t remember having seen before.

    I know the pics weren’t sideways on your iPad. Do you think they were turned on the iPad, but stayed in their original configuration when you emailed them?

    The boots are a good shot, too. I wanted to get a good one of the boots, but I did not succeed in that. Glad you did.

  5. Suanna Davis on Digital Academy 1-10
    12:37 am, 10.25.11

    There are some really good pictures here, as I expect you know.

    I really like the tree shadow on the brick and metal wall/doors. That is a beautiful composition.

    I am intrigued as well. What is the lady doing with the hat and the oil can? (Okay, it probably isn’t an oil can, but that is what I thought from the shape.)

    The contrast of curves and angles in the rusted metal piece is beautiful. I like that you saw it and captured it on camera.

  6. Suanna Davis on All God's Creatures
    12:34 am, 10.25.11

    I was loving the delightful pics. They aren’t yours? They are someone’s with a great eye.

    I have a beagle at my house that maybe they could add to their photography collection.

  7. Suanna Davis on Photos from Jill Maxwell
    12:31 am, 10.25.11

    If I hadn’t already known you were an artist before seeing these photographs, I would certainly know it now.

    I like that many echo each other in the angles.

    I’m going to agree with the words that you captured and say that my favorite is the Favorite stove. It’s an interesting composition in the photograph and an enjoyable design in the original stove, too.

  8. Suanna Davis on CBP Gruene Photos
    12:28 am, 10.25.11

    Cynthia, The water tower in the window, with the punch of blue sky, is an amazing picture. I goggled at the intensity you captured there.

    From a personal standpoint, I really liked the water trough and pump and wonder if you would mind if I used it as an illustration for a poem at a conference or in a post at some point. Your name would be on the art, of course.

    You have a very good eye and succeeded in getting two pictures that I spent about sixty trying to achieve. I’m glad to see that they can be gotten, even if I was not the one who captured them. Obviously one is the bricks (since I mentioned that on Saturday), but the other is the front porch chair. I just went through my pics of the chairs again tonight to see if I could find one I really liked and I could not.

    Like the butterfly caught in flight, too.

  9. Suanna Davis on from Stephen Shewmaker
    12:24 am, 10.25.11

    I am sorry that I missed the ladies in the pink feather boas. They look like my kind of party!

    I still really like the pottery through pottery shot that we saw on Saturday. That is good stuff. It makes me think of mummies and sarcophagi, and perhaps the search for the Holy Grail as well.

    The purple flowers in the foreground are an interesting way to showcase the darker pottery behind them. I like the way the picture catches my attention and then calls me to look beyond the obvious for the details behind the colors.

    I also like your night shot of the Gruene water tower. The rule of thirds obviously works, because the dark area of the larger portion of the picture simply highlights the intensity of the water tower’s light.

  10. Suanna Davis on from Jennifer Shewmaker
    12:14 am, 10.25.11

    You did a great job on the stairs. I tried and tried to get a good picture of our stairs and did not come anywhere near what you succeeded in doing with the first image in this post.

    I like the colored light bulbs hanging in the night over the fence. It seems to me that there ought to be a poem in that image. If I come up with one that is halfway decent (that is, something I would be willing to put my name on in public), would you mind if I put the image up as the ekphrastic inspiration? I would, of course, attach your name to the image.

    The armadillos made me laugh. If you were one of my students, that would get you two extra points. What a fun photograph!

    I still like the faucet and leaves.

    The water tower picture takes that photo op to an entirely different level than I have seen in any of our pictures so far. I like the stark simplicity of the black and white photo and the definition in the picture enhances the architectural design quite well.

    Yes, the wolf and the monkey is good fun, too. I’m glad you took several of those.

    One thing I think is impressive is that you have a wide variety of images that are all very good.