Gruene Pics

3 Commentsby   |  04.14.13  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2013

Here’s the first batch of pictures from Gruene


  1. Mike Wiggins
    4:38 pm, 04.15.13

    Love the shot of the grass! The framing of the mailbox’s is also really nice.

  2. Kyle Dickson
    6:41 pm, 04.15.13

    The leaf poking through the floor/fence is still one of my favorites. It feels as if it’s all on one focal plane but there is still some nice soft focus around the edges, and the pop of green at the center of what feels like a black-and-white background. Simple but really nice.

    • Mike Wiggins
      9:49 pm, 04.15.13

      The bold, black line at that angle adds great contrast to the organic leaf.

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