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0 Commentsby   |  04.15.13  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2013

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3 Commentsby   |  04.12.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011

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  1. I also love the lamp shades. The composition is interesting. The pool table is also a pretty great composition. Of all the shots I have seen of that space this one feels new to me. Good work.

  2. Mike Wiggins on Gruene Pics (2)
    9:52 pm, 04.15.13

    Love the cropping on the pots. The fence is really nicely composed as well. Great shots.

  3. Mike Wiggins on Gruene Pics
    4:38 pm, 04.15.13

    Love the shot of the grass! The framing of the mailbox’s is also really nice.

  4. Mike Wiggins on Tracy's photos
    3:00 pm, 04.14.11

    The wood latch is my favorite. Love the composition and texture. I won’t comment on the one of me ;-)

  5. Mike Wiggins on David's Photos
    2:58 pm, 04.14.11

    Agree, tree shot is incredible.

  6. Mike Wiggins on Gruene Pics (2)
    9:25 pm, 04.16.13

    That’s awesome. I wish my students always did the same ;-)

  7. Mike Wiggins on Gruene Pics
    9:49 pm, 04.15.13

    The bold, black line at that angle adds great contrast to the organic leaf.