Away She Goes! Senior Kaleigh Wyrick Heads to TCU

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Kaleigh Wyrick has been an integral part of English during her time as a student at ACU. Her academic abilities were recognized with the Culp Scholarship and the University Scholar Award. She was treasurer for Alpha Chi, the national honor society, and secretary for Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society. Kaliegh’s research enabled her to present at both of ACU’s Undergraduate Research Festivals and the national and regional Alpha Chi conferences.

After graduation in May, Kaleigh will be attending TCU. Kaleigh was accepted straight into the English PhD program. She also has received a graduate assistantship that will not only cover her tuition, but also give her a generous stipend to live on.

The assistantship Kaleigh received will enable her to teach an introductory course with various professors from different disciplines each semester, thus giving her a wide range of pedagogical approaches from which to create her own. In addition, she will have administrative duties related to the class, which will give her experience dealing with the program director and the dean.

At the departmental meet-and-greet on March 30 and 31, Kaleigh had the opportunity to interact with multiple faculty members from her new department, as well as to begin getting to know her PhD cohort.

Congratulations, Kaleigh!


  1. Elisa
    12:51 pm, 04.19.12

    Congratulations! It’ll be sad to see her go, but I know she’s on to do bigger and better things!

  2. Suanna H. Davis
    12:52 pm, 04.19.12

    All right, Kaleigh! I am so thrilled you are getting to live your dream.

  3. Aunt Dee
    11:35 am, 04.20.12

    Soooo pleased for you, Sweetie! You’re on your way to the rest of your life…and what a wonderful life that will be. Love you, Kaleigh!

  4. Aunt Lora
    5:19 pm, 04.22.12

    Following in your mother’s footsteps to pursue graduate studies, it’s no surprise…exciting doors are opening for you, Miss Kaleigh. I know it won’t be very long before you’ve achieved more of your dreams, contributing much to other students as Dr. Kaleigh! Press on, my dear. Our cheers go with you!

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