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Another Successful Entra a la Plaza!

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The U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sep. 15-Oct. 15 as a national time to recognize and enjoy the contributions and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Every year at ACU, student group Hispanos Unidos celebrates by hosting Entra a la Plaza, an open event full of vibrant music, delicious food, and beautiful cultural dances.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s event was a hit. If you walked past the Williams Performing Arts Center on Friday night (Sep. 21), you may have been lured in by the festivities. Even if you missed it, you can enjoy the photos below.

If you’re interested in working with Hispanos Unidos, you can contact President Catherine Narvaez (cen09a@acu.edu), or officers Gabriel Elorreaga (gme09a@acu.edu) and Mathew Molina (mxm10e@acu.edu).

Entra a la Plaza takes a lot of organizing, budgeting, and planning. It is a labor of love, and their faculty sponsors are very proud of their work. The rest of us are grateful for all they do!


Graduating Senior Katherine Handy Heads to Texas Tech Law School

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Katherine Handy has been extremely involved across ACU’s campus during her time here. She served the Students’ Association as senator for both her freshman and sophomore years and is presently the Executive Secretary. She has participated in Freshman Follies and Sing Song, and she is a member of the women’s social club Sigma Theta Chi. Katherine is presently serving as the treasurer for the English national honor society, Sigma Tau Delta.

This fall, Katherine will be attending Texas Tech Law School. Tech has recognized Katherine as an outstanding student, and she has been awarded the Presidential Scholarship, a renewable scholarship awarded only to entering first-year law students.

Katherine was focused on working in the legal field even before she came to ACU: she has completed internships with the Collin County Teen Court Program; Collin County Justice of the Peace, John E. Payton; the Collin County District Attorney’s Office; and ACU’s Legal Services Office.
This past weekend Katherine traveled to Lubbock to accept the scholarship and begin making connections on campus.

Congratulations, Katherine!

Spring Dinner for Graduating Seniors–This Thursday, April 26, before the Black Tulip

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Our department is looking forward to this Thursday night, April 26, when we will celebrate with our graduating seniors over a delicious Indian dinner at Taj Mahal, then return to campus for the Black Tulip launch party of the Shinnery Review!

About the Spring Dinner

All faculty and graduating seniors are invited to attend! You should have received an Evite from Heidi Nobles (hgn09a@acu.edu); if you didn’t, please contact her right away!

Read the great restaurant reviews at urbanspoon.com, and do note that the dinner is free.

About the Black Tulip Release Party

We’ll be having desserts & refreshments, and students whose work was accepted into the magazine will be invited to read their pieces or excerpts from them. We’ll also be handing out free copies of the Shinnery, so if anyone would like a copy, now is the time to stop by and get one!
The Black Tulip has moved! Instead of the Living Room, as noted on the flyer below, the party will take place in the Core Classroom in the library!***

Away She Goes! Senior Kaleigh Wyrick Heads to TCU

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Kaleigh Wyrick has been an integral part of English during her time as a student at ACU. Her academic abilities were recognized with the Culp Scholarship and the University Scholar Award. She was treasurer for Alpha Chi, the national honor society, and secretary for Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honor society. Kaliegh’s research enabled her to present at both of ACU’s Undergraduate Research Festivals and the national and regional Alpha Chi conferences.

After graduation in May, Kaleigh will be attending TCU. Kaleigh was accepted straight into the English PhD program. She also has received a graduate assistantship that will not only cover her tuition, but also give her a generous stipend to live on.

The assistantship Kaleigh received will enable her to teach an introductory course with various professors from different disciplines each semester, thus giving her a wide range of pedagogical approaches from which to create her own. In addition, she will have administrative duties related to the class, which will give her experience dealing with the program director and the dean.

At the departmental meet-and-greet on March 30 and 31, Kaleigh had the opportunity to interact with multiple faculty members from her new department, as well as to begin getting to know her PhD cohort.

Congratulations, Kaleigh!

Poetry Contest sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, ΣΤΔ

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Like to write poetry?  Want someone to read your poetry?  Need money? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this poetry contest is for you.

$50 First prize

$30 Second prize

$20 Third prize

Turn poems in to the Sigma Tau Delta Poetry Contest box in the English office, Chambers 309, before 4 p.m. February 29th.

Submit up to 3 poems, but no more than 5 pages total.

Sigma Tau Delta Poetry Contest opens January 31st and closes February 29th.

All submissions will also be considered for publication in ACU’s creative magazine, The Shinnery Review.

The poetry will be read by published poets:

Dr. Al Haley                                  Dr. Shelly Sanders

Dr. Suanna Davis                         Dr. Steven Moore

A tie breaker will be decided by Dr. Steve Weathers.


ΣΤΔ  This poetry contest is brought to the ACU campus by Tau Epsilon, the ACU chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International EnglishHonor Society. 

The contest is open to spring 2012 ACU students only.


Mikee Deloney’s in the Spotlight!

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Hey everyone, our own Dr. Mikee Deloney is featured in one of five spotlights on the ACU homepage, showcasing people ACU is proud to have in the community. We’re proud to have her in our department!

mikee delony

Dr. Mikee Delony | Assistant Professor of English

Mikee Delony did not start out to be an English teacher – or any teacher for that matter. In fact, she went straight from high school into the workforce, and it was years before she began to pursue a bachelor’s degree. But when she started, it seemed that she just couldn’t stop.

Crash Course Tomorrow!

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Hey everyone–don’t forget that tomorrow is the Shinnery Review‘s Crash Course event! Here’s their announcement:

Crash Course Workshop

Join the Shinnery Review for a fun afternoon workshop in fiction and nonfiction writing and photography, with sessions taught by ACU professors.

Learn how to improve your work and how to get your work published in the Shinnery Review, ACU’s art and literary student magazine. All majors and skill levels are welcome–so come and bring your friends! We’ll have delicious homemade snacks provided, too.

Visit our Facebook page for a detailed event schedule and more information!

An International Adventure, Right Here in Abilene

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Jealous of those study abroad friends of ours, always talking about England and Uruguay and Germany? As if Abilene isn’t exciting enough for some people. But for others, Abilene really is a destination location; the peace and quiet offers a place to rest and start over. Since 2003, the International Rescue Committee has resettled more than 1200 refugees from 20 countries in our town–about 200 each year.

These global travelers have overcome difficult-to-imagine situations just in order to get here. We have a chance to help them feel at home.

ACU for the IRC is our campus group that serves as a bridge between our community and the local IRC branch. Each year, the group hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for our local refugees. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share our cultural traditions with people who are just getting to know our country, and to reach out and show love and hospitality to these courageous people, separated from their friends and families.

You can watch a short video of one of the dinners from a few years ago on YouTube to get a betterpicture of what it might look like.

If you can volunteer to participate in this year’s dinner, we need volunteers!

You can help cook, serve, possibly transport some of the refugees to and/or from the event, and just sit down and get to know the individuals and families who’ll join us.

The dinner will take place over lunch on Saturday, November 19. I’ll post the exact times as soon as they’re determined.

If you’re interested in helping, please contact me, Heidi Nobles, at heidi.nobles@acu.edu (I’m a faculty sponsor for the group this year), or Allison Horten, the group’s president, at alh07c@acu.edu.

If You’re Interested in Teaching English in China with Disney . . .

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…they’re interested in seeing your applications! Here’s a video you can watch about the Disney English program:


You can also visit the program’s homepage at http://disneyenglish.com/EN/homepage.html and fill out an inquiry form at https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/acu.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDVoMUMtaGo3QlJwRElZT1VUbEZmNEE6MQ.

From what I can see, a position with Disney English requires a completed college degree and offers a living salary plus benefits (including, of course, living abroad in a growing and fascinating place). Other TEFL jobs may pay more, and with Disney, you have to be comfortable with being connected to a brand as well as just teaching. On the other hand, you’ll also be working with an established company, earning recognizable experience, and tied to something familiar. So as always, do your homework before applying and accepting any job. However, if this is a good fit, you could have a blast!

Baby Sanders Is Here!

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Last week, Shelly and Nathan welcomed Heath Nathan Sanders on October 4, at 9:04 a.m. He was 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and 21-1/2 inches long, with LOTS of dark hair. The family is doing great! Welcome Heath, and congratulations Shelly and Nathan!