Creative Writing Student To Pen Steinbeck Story for World War II Magazine

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AdaIMG_20150802_130821467m Nettina has signed a contract to publish a multi-discipline feature entitled “Steinbeck’s Blueprint For Resistance” (tentative) with World War II magazine, a national publication that prints six times each year and is sold on major bookstore newsstands across the country. Nettina, a first-year graduate student focusing on creative writing, will detail the origins of Steinbeck’s 1942 novella, The Moon Is Down, in the 3,000 word feature, which will draw attention to the author’s connections with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and other World War II propaganda organizations. Taking a critical look at the events that inspired the novel’s genesis, as well as its effect on the people under Nazi occupation in Europe, Nettina’s story will detail the vividly explore the backstory of a timeless work of American literature.

Nettina is no stranger to military history, having published a feature article in World War II magazine’s sister publication, Military History, last November. He has another feature debuting in August’s Military History, and wrote a 3,500 word article on the Spanish civil war in the January 2016 of Naval History magazine. His upcoming feature in World War II, however, will be the first time he has transitioned his coursework at ACU into a feature publication.

The paper is the product of close work with Professor Al Haley, ACU’s Writer-in-Residence, who encouraged Adam to submit a proposal to the magazine when brainstorming topics for the final paper in one of Dr. Haley’s graduate classes. The class, called “Books We Read Too Young,” examines canonical works of literature that students would like to reexamine after  an extended absence. Aside from reading and discussing The Moon Is Down, students have also examined To Kill a Mockingbird, The Golden Compass, Slaughterhouse Five, and other novels.

More information on the magazine, World War II can be found  HERE.


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