Images of Aging Photographers Tell the Stories behind the Images of Aging Photos – Caitlin Walker

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Images of Aging Photographers Tell the Stories behind their Photos – Caitlin Walker

Now it is time for our Images of Aging contest winners to tell “the rest of the story” about their photograph! Over the next few days our student photographers give their extended caption for the photos they submitted to our contest!

Here is the extended caption from Caitlin Walker’s photo, “The Smile That Never Fades


Caitlin Walker,  Black and White Category                     “The Smile That Never Fades” – click on the photo to see full resolution

“When I was growing up, my great grandfather would drive up in his tan Chevrolet after school to pick my sister and I up and take us to have cookies and milk with our great grandmother until we were able to go home when our father got off work. Our after school activities would consist of roaming through the garden, playing the harmonica, reading fairy tales, and of course.. sugar cookies and milk with our homework. He constantly gave his time and effort into demonstrating love to us girls. My grandpa Walker is a man who is full of laughter and joy for life. Serving over 40+ years in the Navy as an E6 Sailor, he has dedicated his life to service, my grandmother, family and the Lord. He never failed to smile and demonstrate such joy. After losing my grandmother, he still has continued to prioritize joy over his life and has given that gift to me. Through any thing that life brings you, God never fails to give you a reason to smile and to never let it fade, so just smile.” 

Caitlin’s photo earned 1st place in the Black and White category.  Continued congratulations, Caitlin! 





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