In conjunction with the recent Keeble online and in-house exhibit,  “The book will be preaching after you and I have gone home”: Marshall Keeble’s Print Legacy, Special Collections and Archives student workers, Sandrine Ingabire, Jeaniece Silas, and Sarah Dillinger were tasked to research and write short notes as part of a blog series on the lives of some of the men that Marshall Keeble mentored, specifically, “Fellow Workers” pictured in Biography and Sermons of Marshall Keeble, Evangelist.

Senior Global Studies major who has worked in Special Collections for over a semester at ACU, Sandrine Ingabire, learned that John Vaughner will forever be remembered for his work as a preacher and evangelist and for the lives that he transformed.

Sarah Dillinger, Senior Social Studies major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a student worker in Special Collections for three years, discovered that Evangelist Perry “Percy” Ricks was the brother-n-law of Marshall Keeble and visited West Africa where he preached a sermon to 400 Africans of whom 16 were baptized afterwards. Due to the impact of the West Africa visit, Ricks became a champion for hospitals, schools, and missionaries in that part of the world.

Jeaniece Silas, Senior Social Work major and child and family services minor from Fort Worth, Texas has been a student worker in Special Collections for three years.  She learned that information could not be found on Thomas Dickson and James F. Hewin, who were two of the six men pictured in Marshall Keeble’s biography as men Keeble influenced.  

Director of Special Collections and Archives, Mac Ice, shares, “Our student workers are not only processing archivists and digitization specialists, they are also curators and scholars. These student workers come from a diverse group of majors, and this project, gave them all an opportunity to improve their writing skills and to expand on the Marshall Keeble story.”