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Can you describe what the field of cyber security entails and what job possibilities are out there for it?

Cyber security touches every part of our existence because “cyber” touches every part of our existence.  Cyber threats are everywhere, web sites, email, company networks, government departments, and more.

And it’s not just the cyberspace we have to consider. To keep an information system secure electronically, we also have to keep it physically secure. Data loss by “…and then we’ll smash it with a hammer” is even more effective than a virtual virus.

And the field of cyber security also gets into Forensics (it’s even made its way to CSI and other popular shows), home security, national security, and even offensive military operations. (I can’t go into classified details but offense operation are more common than we might want to accept.)

Have you all been before? And if so how was it?

Yes, we have attended the event several times. In general, we love it. The new information is presented somewhat like a firehose of water coming at you, but it comes with references to help you keep learning after the weekend is over. And the best part–no test!! The students love that :)  free breakfast at the free hotel and lunch is provided. And just to reinforce what we learn there is a low stress contest on Saturday. One year we won first place out of 25 teams who came from Texas A&M, Rice, and other well known universities with good cyber programs.

Why would you recommend students to go to this?

Anything they can do to increase exposure to this topic will help them in the long run. In the old days, businesses had mottos like”think safety” and had safety departments or offices. Then they realized it had to be part of EVERY department. The same was true for quality. There was a quality department and no one else thought that much about it–until managers realized that EVERYONE needed to think about quality and continuous improvement.  Cybersecurity is now in in fledgling stages compared to safety and quality. Cybersecurity is going to have to be part of EVERYONE’S business and those that know cybersecurity will be in a very sweet spot when it comes to employment pay and job fulfillment.

What should a student expect to get out of this?

You mean besides all the free, free, free? Well, as mentioned earlier, this will just give them another exposure opportunity to this discipline. They will get to meet students from other universities and get to know who from ACU is interested in cybersecurity. Right now–and for the next decade or two there are literally hundreds of thousands of job opportunities in cybersecurity.

Is there anything else that you would like to comment about this event?

Did I mention that it’s free?


Register Here http://csi.utdallas.edu/events/TexSAW-2017/