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Morgan Davis (’11)

Morgan Davis (’11) graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Information Technology and furthered his education with a master’s degree in Interactive Technology. He started his professional career in Ziosk working as a designer for their zTrivia game and then joined the Gamestop team to revamp the user experience of their performance dashboards for all stores. Today, Morgan works as a Level Designer at Gearbox Software, LLC. 

Faith has always been the foundation for everything that Morgan does and has impacted the way in which he sees his purpose in his work. When asked to describe the impact faith has in his work, Morgan replied, “It keeps me centered on what really matters. It is very easy to get lost in work, enjoying the fruits of labor, and seeking out more opportunities to expand and grow in business. But truthfully, while those things are very good and worth pursuing, there is still a draw to something more. Adding faith to the picture means I don’t forfeit my relationship with my God to spend extra time pursuing work. It means, the relationships I make at work are hearts to hopefully plant seeds and let God grow them. It means that no matter how much I achieve here in this place, He is still wanting to transform me as we journey into the next place.” 

Morgan has clearly found purpose in his work and sees it as a platform to reach people for the Lord’s kingdom. This mindset was supported by several experiences that he had during his time at ACU that allowed him to grow in his faith. Morgan said, “ACU was a great place to grow spiritually, while also pursuing educational achievements. There are countless resources ACU has for those that intend to use them. And by resources, I mean professors that take time outside of class to answer questions of faith and other subjects. Or the Quiet Place – a great area to get away from the busyness of classes and social pressure. The relationships I had with my closest friends were also something that shaped my future. I would even say that the conversations had with other Christians were a major resource, even conversations with those that had many doubts.” These resources, as Morgan calls them, were pivotal to his relationship with God and the foundation that he was building for the future. Morgan said that all of these experiences, “helped me in my understanding of God and what it means to be a disciple. I could go on and on about the community ACU fosters, or the many ways to serve on campus, like Reslife, which I was a part of for two years.”

Morgan and his wife, Abigail Davis

His favorite memory from his time at ACU might be surprising. “Being cartoonist for The Optimist came with a lot of good memories. My favorite was when I got the chance to make a colored cartoon for the paper, labeled, ‘Where’s Royce?’. It was a spin-off of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ as a means to highlight Dr. Royce Money’s new adventures as Chancellor after serving as President. Later, I was able to expand this cartoon into a poster that I sold as a fundraiser for my spring break campaign.” Morgan was always involved on campus and present in the community. His experience at ACU allowed him to encourage prospective students to consider attending our university as well, to which he says “Go to ACU! The amount of history and potential for new stories to be made at ACU is enormous. It’s the perfect size to make friends in all sorts of communities. And like I said, if you want to grow spiritually on top of earning an education, then look no further.” 

Finally, Davis encourages incoming freshmen, “Take advantage of every opportunity you get. Don’t let school get in the way of relationships, and don’t let relationships get in the way of school. Seek out places or people that might challenge your normal way of thinking. Don’t make too many plans ahead, and go with the flow.”