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Andrea Perez, Senior Information Technology major

Meet Andrea Perez, a senior Information Technology major from Houston, Texas. After her first visit to ACU, Andrea fell in love with the community and welcoming environment of the campus. She said, “I knew that I wanted a small, yet big campus, where I was considered a heart and not a number” and while walking on the campus, she knew that it was the place for her. 

While at ACU, Andrea has been involved in the women’s social club Tri Kappa Gamma, Women in Technology and the College of Business Administration the recruitment office. Some of her favorite memories from college are a result of her connection on campus and her constant pursuit of community. Andrea said that her favorite memory at ACU was, “Participating in Sing Song 2018 with Tri Kappa Gamma. It created many opportunities for me to get to know my sisters better and bond throughout the process. The competitive mentality throughout Sing Song with my friends in other social clubs was also very fun to experience.” From participating in one of the most beloved traditions of our university, Andrea never lost sight of her academic goals and decided to take advantage of all of the opportunities that her department provided. 

Andrea with Professor St. John

Andrea shared that her department has well prepared her for the future by providing her with opportunities to take courses that taught her many computer languages that she will use throughout her career. While studying different aspects of information technology, she appreciated her course in Systems Integration and Administration where she learned how to write unattended scripts. Even though her coursework and academic development has been a big part of her success at ACU, she rejoices in the relationships built with professors from her department. When asked about one of her most impactful moments at ACU, she said, “One of my most life-changing moments at ACU has been spring semester of my junior year, when I became like a daughter to Dr. Byrd. When I first met him freshman year, I was extremely intimidated but as time went on with taking his classes, I looked up to him. He was very caring and honest. Dr. Byrd gave me much life and career advice that I will cherish forever.” Even though Dr. Byrd retired at the end of this last academic year, Andrea will hold on to the words of this role-model and continue to use his advice as she begins a professional career. She also appreciated Professor Karen St. John who she described not only as welcoming and loving, but as a long lost family member that helped her grow and has taken her under her wing. 

Dr. Byrd, professor and mentor to Andrea, with his students.

Today, Andrea works as a student ambassador helping prospective students with their transition to college. She shares with them how ACU is an amazing Christ-centered institution with student organizations that help students find right where they belong. Andrea says that ACU, “Is also a campus where it is small enough to feel like a family yet big enough to meet somebody new every day.” Andrea will graduate in May 2020, and is looking forward to all the opportunities that she will have as a professional who has been prepared for a career, the real-world, and her future.