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President John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Jael Morel, sophomore Digital Entertainment major and Computer Science minor, is an example of a leader who inspires many through her story of perseverance and unwavering faith.  

As an international student, Jael faced her first challenge to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry when she realized that there were no education programs or majors offered on the subject in her home-country, Honduras. What seemed to be a challenge for many was an opportunity for her to explore the different programs that the rest of the world had to offer, trusting that her future was in God’s hands. While in Honduras, Jael met an American missionary that was teaching in her school at the time and had a daughter attending ACU — the first door that was opened for her future as a Wildcat. Jael took a leap of faith as she decided to pursue a dream that challenged the standard of a third-world country and extended beyond the higher education that most of her peers strived for. Her journey to college required a strong faith and the willingness to work daily to achieve the goals that she had long dreamed about.

Jael performing at the annual Backyard Bash organized by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

In the fall of 2018, Jael joined the Wildcat family with the desire to take every opportunity and learn as much as she could during her time in the United States. With a determined mindset, she decided to use every resource available to prepare her professionally, academically and spiritually. Jael currently serves the International Students Association as Marketing Director, where she designs all the graphics, advertisement, and videos for the student organization while advocating for the international community on campus. Additionally, as an active member of the DET Club, she works on projects outside of her coursework that add to her skill set and help her prepare a portfolio for future professional opportunities. Jael is also investing in her passion and nurturing her musical talent as a member of the University Chorale, the Office of Multicultural Affairs worship team, and participating in Immersed Chapel. 

ACU has definitely given Jael a place to call home. Her involvement on campus has been a huge part of her personal success, on which she comments, “Getting involved allowed me to find the support system and community that I had been looking for. So many people have stretched out their hand to help me.” In addition to her involvement in student organizations and clubs, she has also taken advantage of experiences like attending the Industry Giants Conference to gain professional exposure, getting a Photoshop certification to develop skills, participating in photography workshops, and is currently working on a Film Fest project. 

DET students at the Industry Giants Conference.

Jael Morel is an exemplary leader who knows how to dream more, wants to learn more, chooses to do more and strives to become more. Her passion for her interests and her determination to excel as a young professional have allowed her to make the best out of every experience. Her advice for incoming freshman is to, “Invest your time in doing homework and doing the best you can on your projects because at the end of the day these are valuable for your portfolio. Always have something to show and use your time wisely.”