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SK representing Abilene Christian University in Walt Disney World.

SK Hall is a junior from Schertz, TX pursuing a double-major in Computer Science and Digital Entertainment Technology. SK came to Abilene Christian University with the hope to find the small, Christian college environment that she felt called to from the moment she stepped on campus. She certainly found it and has taken advantage of every bit of it. During her freshman year of college, she was a co-chair for Freshman Follies kicking off a journey in leadership that would follow her for the rest of her time at ACU. She describes her involvement in Freshman Follies as one of her favorite memories from her time on campus. Where she built meaningful relationships with faculty and staff and realized that ACU was everything she hoped it to be and more. SK is currently serving as the assistant director of ACU Student Activities and Organizations, Sing Song Student Director, and secretary for the women’s social club, Ko Jo Kai. 

SK met her best friend, Tinker Bell, through this program!

Despite her passion for each of these roles and her commitment to all of her leadership positions, SK describes her job as a seasonal entertainment cast member at Walt Disney World to be the most life changing experience. In the spring of 2019, SK embarked on a magical adventure. For an entire semester, she lived as a full-time entertainer where she learned how to communicate with all types of people, rediscovered the importance of relationships, and met a few of her closest friends — including Tinker Bell, Chip & Dale, and Winnie the Pooh. Above all the professional development and personal growth that she experienced, she said, “I found God more in Disney than in any other place. I give my entire experience to God, and his perfect time and putting it on my heart.” SK dreamed about being part of this program since she was in middle school and decided to pursue this dream regardless of any setbacks. Whenever she questioned her ability to go through the difficult application process, she asked herself, “Why me? Well, why not me?” Through her mother’s encouragement and the desire that God placed in her heart as a young girl, SK was able to live out her dream. Today, she encourages others to pursue whatever their hearts, and God, call them to do and to take action whenever God puts you in a place for something he has called you to.

SK’s experience at Disney sparked a passion that she brought back to ACU. Within her department, she has enjoyed the coursework, talking to professors about real-life experiences, and fine-tuning her career goals. She values the learning opportunities she has to learn about the many options in her field, and appreciates the relationships that she has built. One of the most impactful moments that SK experienced at ACU happened during her sophomore year of college where she was hospitalized for two weeks due to illness. During this time, the ACU community was present and even professors who she had never met before reached out to her and visited the hospital. The power of these small actions showed her the community’s willingness to meet her halfway in a vulnerable place. “It’s (the ACU community) really here. It happens at the moment when you need it.”SK is driven, passionate, and willing to work hard to achieve all of her goals. She believes in looking for opportunities outside of regular boundaries and will pursue anything that her heart desires. To all prospective students, she says, “ACU may be small, but the opportunities are huge. People will recognize you and you will never get lost in the crowd.” SK sees that there are many opportunities at ACU ready for students who decide to pursue them and is an example of the type of student who makes the decision to push themselves to dream big and work towards their goals. For SK, there is no limit for what you can do when you put your mind to it. As Walt Disney himself said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”