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Wildcat Software is the newest student-run organization by Wildcat Ventures. SITC students provide custom software solutions for various clients. It started two years ago and has acquired clients such as a local Abilene museum and vote.acu. Brandon DeLano, advisor for Wildcat Software, explains: “This opportunity allows students to get real-world experience doing software development, project management, and the overall process of running a technical company. It is designed to fill in the holes you don’t get in your undergraduate education”.

This organization is truly student-run. Connor Steinmentz, senior Information Systems and Management major, is the CEO. He is in charge of oversight of the company, hiring students, contacting clients, and maintaining communication with Wildcat Ventures. As he heads to USAA after graduation to work as an iOS developer, Connor reflects on how beneficial working with Wildcat Software has been. “This opportunity has allowed me to gain real-world experiences and do something that matters to people.” Brandon DeLano continues, “Any of the smart business decisions- it’s all happened because of the students. I have only provided a little technical advice and direction. Otherwise, they have made it their own thing”.

Though still in its growing stage, Wildcat Software is proving to be a great experience for students. It is definitely an opportunity all SITC students should take advantage of.

For more information and information on how to apply, email Brandon DeLano at bcd13a@acu.edu.