The ACU Writing Center returns to face-to-face and online asynchronous tutoring sessions during Fall 2021!!

Fall 2021 hours for in-person tutoring sessions: Monday-Thursday 12-6,

Friday 12-5, and Sunday 7-10 pm

Please see our appointment calendar for more information.


The Writing Center at ACU, located in the Brown Library Learning Commons, is a facility where any writer–from ACU, from other Universities in Abilene, or from the community at large–can come discuss writing tasks of any kind. 

Our tutors are experienced and trained writers, many from ACU’s Language and Literature department, who will consult with you regarding any writing task, from any class across the curriculum (or outside of a course), at any stage of the writing process.



through our WCOnline system.


If you are enrolled in an online graduate program, please be advised that ACU Dallas has its own dedicated writing center for its programs and can be contacted here.

All our services are free.


Cole Bennett


B. Cole Bennett, Ph.D

Professor of English (vita)



What is the ACU Writing Center?” you ask.


Do we help with proofreading and editing?” you ask.

Meet the Tutors



Erika Rodriguez