Some lenses—our themes

by   |  09.04.09  |  Assignments

Here we go! This week we identified and discussed several Tolkienian themes that  seemed especially relevant to real-world issues. Now our Colloquium has been unleashed into the world to prove them! More »


by   |  10.15.09  |  Assignments

Click on the link to the new Final Projects page to the right to see the diverse assortment of reflections on Tolkien, our Colloquium experiences, and the world in which we live. More »

Plea for Forgiveness & Reconciliation

by   |  09.30.09  |  Individual Responsibility for the Greater Good, Redemption, Sacrifice

A former student of mine, Nao Fukishima is a Japanese national. A very kind, generous soul, and also very sharp. He was at the Asian Mission Forum recently, and did a marvelous thing that resonates so well with some of the themes of our Colloquium. More »