Requesting a Campus Blog


Abilene Christian University provides blog service in support of communications conducted by the university community. It is a collaborative effort of the Adams Center, Information Technology and University Marketing.

Step 1: Become familiar with the ACU Blog Guidelines.

The ACU Blog Guidelines and Best Practices are designed to help you understand the responsibilities and time needed to create a professional or group blog. Read about

Step 2: Decide which type of blog fits your need.

Currently you may request one of the following types of blogs.

  • Group blog – An official ACU organization-level blog intended for communication between ACU groups and their readers. Such groups are divided into different types.
    • College, department or office
    • Center, special program or publication
  • Professional blog – An individual blog that is an extension of an employee’s job description or ACU-related expertise and that is intended for communication between the professional and his or her readers.
  • Student organization blog – A university-sponsored student organization with a faculty or staff sponsor and approved through the Student Organizations Office.
  • Class blog – An official ACU class blog intended for communication between instructor and students enrolled in an ACU course. (Class blogs are set up through myACU.)

Currently student portfolios are in testing phase only. ACU does not provide personal blogs to students, faculty or staff.

Step 3: Request a blog.

Complete a Blog Request from this page.. This form will be sent to Team55. You will be notified by email when the blog is approved.