CBP Gruene Photos

3 Commentsby   |  10.24.11  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2011

Here are some of my favorites. It was fun! CBP


  1. Kyle Dickson
    10:49 pm, 10.24.11

    Love the surface of the water in the pump pic and the divided left-turn sign in the reflection. Thanks to the Powells for joining us during a busy weekend. Great shots.

  2. Nil
    11:05 pm, 10.24.11

    These are great, Cynthia! Great compositions, and I like how some parts are cropped off.

  3. Suanna Davis
    12:28 am, 10.25.11

    Cynthia, The water tower in the window, with the punch of blue sky, is an amazing picture. I goggled at the intensity you captured there.

    From a personal standpoint, I really liked the water trough and pump and wonder if you would mind if I used it as an illustration for a poem at a conference or in a post at some point. Your name would be on the art, of course.

    You have a very good eye and succeeded in getting two pictures that I spent about sixty trying to achieve. I’m glad to see that they can be gotten, even if I was not the one who captured them. Obviously one is the bricks (since I mentioned that on Saturday), but the other is the front porch chair. I just went through my pics of the chairs again tonight to see if I could find one I really liked and I could not.

    Like the butterfly caught in flight, too.

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