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3 Commentsby   |  10.24.11  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2011

When I arrived in Gruene, I had used my camera three times for a total of about twenty pictures and had two fifteen minute introductions to my SLR. I spent Friday taking pictures, without knowing much about exposure or aperture. Then we had a few workshops on Saturday and, if you could see my pictures in time order, you would know that I got better.

On Sunday I have excellent pictures which did not need to be lightened, defined, cropped, or highlighted. Two solid days and some instruction–and over 1000 pictures later–I had learned how to take pictures of what I wanted to be good at: landscapes.

These are my 10 favorite pictures. I had no trouble narrowing to 42, but going to 10 was much harder! (So, yeah, you got all ten, not just four.)


  1. Kyle Dickson
    11:32 pm, 10.24.11

    Lots of great images here, but I love how the windmill slowly emerges out of the tree. Really nice image.

    Thank Ron for us for sharing his expertise along the way as well.

  2. Suanna Davis
    12:03 am, 10.25.11

    The windmill was my favorite image of the early pictures. I write Texas poetry and have written quite a bit about windmills. I needed a new windmill picture for a Central Texas poem and so, when I saw the windmill at Gruene Mansion Inn, I really worked at getting something good.

    Last year’s Digital Academy brought me several pictures with which Bob Delony and I collaborated on a poem that was published on NCTE’s website for poetry month.

    Ron had a great time and I know that, great teacher that he is, he enjoyed sharing his knowledge. I will definitely pass along the thanks.

    • Lorraine
      10:50 am, 10.25.11

      I love your shot of the little boy. I took his photo too while he was intently writing in a workbook.

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