from Stephen Shewmaker

3 Commentsby   |  10.24.11  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2011


  1. Suanna Davis
    12:24 am, 10.25.11

    I am sorry that I missed the ladies in the pink feather boas. They look like my kind of party!

    I still really like the pottery through pottery shot that we saw on Saturday. That is good stuff. It makes me think of mummies and sarcophagi, and perhaps the search for the Holy Grail as well.

    The purple flowers in the foreground are an interesting way to showcase the darker pottery behind them. I like the way the picture catches my attention and then calls me to look beyond the obvious for the details behind the colors.

    I also like your night shot of the Gruene water tower. The rule of thirds obviously works, because the dark area of the larger portion of the picture simply highlights the intensity of the water tower’s light.

  2. Stephen
    9:03 am, 10.25.11

    The pic of the ladies in pink was taken by my assistant, Dr. Shewmaker, and somehow included in the email she sent to the blog.

    So Kyle, please work some delete button magic.

  3. Jennifer
    9:20 am, 10.25.11

    Come on, Stephen! You know you loved those pink ladies too :) I know they’re out of focus, but I couldn’t pass them up.

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