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Internship Opportunity

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Communications Intern for the Anglican Church in North America

Type: Full time

Deadline: Mar. 1, 2016

Duration: Mid-May through June

Where: Near Atlanta, GA


  • projects that matterAnglican Church
  • opportunities to grow
  • mentorship
  • church family
  • housing
  • stipend

What they are looking for:

  • creativity
  • motivation
  • hard work
  • personal transportation
  • laptop
  • “can do” attitude
  • technical skills in Adobe products (e.g. InDesign and Photoshop)

Application process: submit the following information

  • name
  • educational institution
  • resume
  • portfolio

Submit to: Rev. Cn. Andrew Gross –, Director of Communications and Media Relations

Description: It provides opportunity to contribute to communications efforts of four different levels of an international church: the congregations, the diocese, the province, and a parachurch organization. It is a unique chance to experience the distinct priorities of each entity and the interrelationship between them.

Example Projects:

  • Congregation – writing stories to highlight members and ministry of Holy Cross; develop video series explaining Anglicanism
  • Diocese – develop network of “citizen journalists” across diocese
  • Province – develop flyers and booklets for the Council; setup interviews with key leaders of the Council
  • Parachurch – produce video of Archbishop Beach to publish on the web

Benefits of Internships

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Are you unsure about whether or not to apply for an internship? Are you unsure as to what type of internship to look for? A recent graduate from the Language and Literature program has given some advice when it comes to picking an internship and planning for post-graduation work.

“Because my greatest passions are writing and helping others, I decided to pursue internships that would allow me to develop my skills in these areas while padding out my experience at the same time. Moving from arts reporting with ACU’s student newspaper, I found success writing album reviews and feature articles for The Appetizer Radio Show, a venture started by an Abilene graduate. At the same time, I spent a portion of my summer providing administrative assistance for the International Rescue Committee, which works to resettle refugees and asylees from around the world.

These two internships pushed me to strengthen my abilities and remember to keep other people’s interests above my own. While it’s important to bolster your résumé proactively to stand out from other applicants when the time comes, internships that reflect your deepest interests are also an excellent way to reflect a rounded personality on paper; after my time with The Appetizer and IRC, my prospective employer was impressed that I had something to show for my talents and passions beyond academia!” – Richard Lyne, 2015

Technical Writing Internship

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Technical Writing Internship

If you are looking for an internship opportunity where you can get paid for your writing, apply today!

Student Internship Opportunity

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Hanger Ventures

Organization: Hangar Ventures

Contact: Ed Ireson

Contact Information:

Site of Internship: Dallas, TX or Austin, TX

Dates for Internship: 1-2 per quarter for 3-6 month internship

Intern Responsibilities: marketing, pitch deck review and editing, document drafting and copyediting, minimal press interaction

Qualities of Intern: excellent communicator in both verbal and written form; interest in technology, startups, and related industries

Remuneration, if any, for internship: DOE

Deadline: ongoing

For more information, please visit Hangar Venture’s website

Read about what the company has been doing here

Completed applications should be sent to Dr. Stephen R. Weathers, Chair, Student Internship Committee, Department of Language and Literature, Abilene Christian University, ACU Box 28252, Abilene, TX 79699 or emailed to

Job Opening

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The Pew Research Center is hiring a research assistant in their Hispanic Trends section.

Complete job information and requirements are here.

Summer Internship Opportunity: Graduate Students

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The Pew Research Center is hiring a summer intern (paid) in the field of Hispanic and U.S. Social Demographic Trends. The position is open to current grad students, and further information can be found here.

Student Internship Opportunity

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Publish weekly blog posts about new and up and coming music artists with The Appetizer Radio Show.

Click HERE to learn more about this internship opportunity

Summer Internship Opportunity

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Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 12.01.52 PM

A summer internship opportunity has come available for a writer/web editor through KDLG, a public radio provider in Dillingham, Alaska. Daily tasks would include taking news stories from the radio to transcribe, edit, format for web, and publish/promote them. There may also be a chance to have some airtime with the KDLG station along with some other exciting tasks. KDLG is in partnerships with The Bristol Bay Times and Alaska Dispatch News, so a young writer may see a story or two per week pop up in publication all around the state. This also allows for networking opportunities that can build contacts and connections helpful to students as they enter the job market. The position would ideally run from June 1, 2015 to August 1, 2015 with some free time at the beginning and end to enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, and camping, but it should be said that these dates are subject to change. The internship is unpaid, though help will be provided when searching for housing and transportation. Participation in this internship would give credit hours under “Language and Literature Internships”. To find out more, click HERE

If You’re Interested in Teaching English in China with Disney . . .

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…they’re interested in seeing your applications! Here’s a video you can watch about the Disney English program:

You can also visit the program’s homepage at and fill out an inquiry form at

From what I can see, a position with Disney English requires a completed college degree and offers a living salary plus benefits (including, of course, living abroad in a growing and fascinating place). Other TEFL jobs may pay more, and with Disney, you have to be comfortable with being connected to a brand as well as just teaching. On the other hand, you’ll also be working with an established company, earning recognizable experience, and tied to something familiar. So as always, do your homework before applying and accepting any job. However, if this is a good fit, you could have a blast!

Internship Opportunity

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The ACU Press seeks an unpaid intern to assist with the production and publishing of books.  This person should have an inherent interest in learning the varied tasks associated with textual production, from responding to content and communicating with authors to proofreading and document formatting.  Working alongside current staff, this intern will gain firsthand knowledge and experience of the publishing business, benefits of which will stretch into his or her professional and/or academic future.

For more information, or to apply, contact Robyn Burwell at 674-2761 or