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The Black Tulip

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The Black Tulip was held on Friday, April 22nd at Monks Coffee Shop in downtown Abilene.  The Black Tulip is held every year for the release of The Shinnery Review, but we did it a bit differently than I think people have in the past.  We wanted to have it at Monks because we felt like coffee and poetry, fiction, and photographs went really well together and it’s just got a great vibe to it.  It was scheduled to start at 6:00 and we had a lot of people show up right away for the event.  People spent a little while looking at copies we had placed around the coffee shop and once more people showed up, people who submitted their works of poetry or fiction had the opportunity to read a piece allowed, and we had about ten people read their pieces.  It went very smoothly, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!
As for the magazine itself, it is an entirely student-led publication; we’ve got quite a few students from the Language and Literature Department that participate, but we’ve also got students from other departments as well.  We started accepting submissions for the publication at the beginning of this semester so we’d have enough time to go through all of them, as well as edit all of the pieces.  We had a lot of people submitting pieces of poetry, short stories, as well as photographs.  In the end, we had about 40 more pages of content than last year so we really had a great turnout for submissions.  There are so many talented writers and photographers and this university, and I believe The Shinnery Review is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their work!
*written by Sarah Bateman
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Sigma Delta Pi, Going Strong

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This year, Sigma Delta Pi has over 20 members. It’s fantastic to see this great organization growing and doing so well!  Pictured below are current members, though several are missing.IMG_0497IMG_0493-2

Gene A. Budig: Americans must learn to speak bilingually


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Gene A. Budig: Americans must learn to speak bilingually – Opinion – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

Good article on the reasons for learning a foreign language.

Great Internet tool to study French

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Here is a great resource for students of the French language.
Yann Opsitch
French Instructor

Le Point du FLE is an excellent online gateway to some of the best web
activities for learning French. It organizes its list of resources
into categories as follows: activities; grammar; indicative tenses;
‘other modes’ (such as the subjunctive); specific audiences (such as
beginners, students, children); general resources relating to language
and culture (both in France and the francophone world); and a section
for teachers. The ‘activities’ section links to a variety of resources
that may be exploited more freely by the teacher: for example, links
to sites relating to the geography of France; its history; economy;
politics; and literature. In contrast, the grammar section features
links mostly to explanations of particular grammar points. Within the
remaining sections, the user will find links to interactive language
activities and exercises covering the fundamental areas of grammar
(most exercises are more suitable for beginners and intermediate
students, rather than the more advanced). Easy-to-navigate, with the
language level and source of each resource clearly listed, this
gateway will be of much use both to the teacher seeking to use
web-based activities in the classroom, and to the student seeking
material to assist independent learning.

The best French dictionary?

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If you want the most up to date information on contemporary French words (a French dictionary/ not a French English dictionary) you should go to “Trésors de la  Langue française” at :
This is the most complete French dictionary in existence and is sponsored by the “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique”
Yann Opsitch

Spain’s Cultural Ambassadors Program

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Each year, the Embassy of Spain recruits up to 1,200 junior and senior university students to participate in their nine month “Cultural Ambassador” program.  In exchange for sharing your knowledge of the English language and American culture for 12-16 hours in a K-12 classroom environment (under the supervision of a teacher), they pay a monthly stipend (approximately €700) and provide full medical insurance.  Among other things, it is a great opportunity to further your skills in Spanish, and travel a bit through Spain and the rest of Europe.

For further information and application, visit their website here.

Celebrating National Foreign Language Week


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Abilene Reporter News guest columnist Dr. Joe Alcorta is professor of Spanish at Harding-Simmons University.  Below are his comments on National Foreign Language Week.

Access article here

West Brain, East Brain


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Sharon Begley

West Brain, East Brain

What a difference culture makes.

Access the article here.

Newsweek, March 1

Terremoto en Chile / Earthquake in Chile


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Al menos 147 muertos por un terremoto en Chile Durante la madrugada de hoy se produjo un sismo de 8,8 grados de magnitud en la escala de Richter; la presidenta Michelle Bachelet sobrevoló la zona afectada; consideró que el país está en condiciones de responder a las necesidades; varias regiones fueron declaradas zonas de catástrofe; desde la Argentina, cancelan los vuelos al país vecino por el cierre del aeropuerto de Santiago | Exterior | Sábado 27 de febrero de 2010

Foreign Language Department blog is here!


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Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages blog!

The aim of this blog is to connect everyone who is associated in some way with the foreign language department: from Spanish and French chapel, to international studies majors, to Dialektos students, to Spanish, French and German students, to faculty.  Expect to find events that are coming up, as well as catch up on what has been going on.  Also expect links to news around the world relevant to languages, literature and cultures.

Initially, faculty, majors and minors will be able to post via e-mail, but everyone should be able to comment on the different articles and create threads.  If someone outside of the three groups named above wants to be able to post, contact “profe Pablo” and he can set you up to be able to post.