Video & Resource Gallery

Lectures, talks, and speeches from Lytle Center programming and events

Intimacy with God – Mo Aiken
55 mins 58 secs

Leadership and Your Calling – Rick Atchley
9 mins

Christianity and Race – Melvin Otey
60 mins

The Goal of Christian Leadership РMo Isom Aiken
9 mins 52 secs (watch on YouTube)

The Turning Point – Emily Chang
22 mins 22 secs (Thriving in Crisis online chapel)

The Centered Leader – Elise Mitchell
53 min 23 secs

Making A Great Crossing – Rick Lytle
3 mins 50 secs

Don’t Cling to The Past – Rick Lytle
3 mins 47 secs

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You can see many full-length speeches and conversations from our past Distinguished Speaker Series and Leadership Summit Courses on our YouTube page.

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