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Through our ventures, we connect and develop leaders using efficient systems, repeatable processes, and exceptional talent. As a result, we generate revolutionary leaders, products and solutions, and entrepreneurial legacy.


Wildcat Ventures generates sustained momentum for leaders to thrive in order to create a culture of redemptive business in the world.

In 2012, three ACU CEO Members launched Wildcat Ventures. Today, Wildcat Ventures is a thriving portfolio of seven student-run companies that employ upwards of 30 students each year. Wildcat Ventures is organized under the leadership of three executives: President, Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer. The Wildcat Ventures executive team works to create and maintain profitable, sustainable businesses that enrich students with an authentic entrepreneurial experience. All employees of Wildcat Ventures are CEO Members and these business’ profits are poured into ACU’s CEO Chapter.

Wildcat Ventures has many parts that work together as one to inspire and empower ACU students on their entrepreneurial journey.  Through the sharing of resources and collaboration between businesses, Wildcat Ventures was able to reach revenues above $220,000 in years past. At ACU, CEO Members and the Wildcat Ventures team are continually focused on growth. Last year, Wildcat Ventures grew its portfolio by starting Earthworks Composting, which is our first environmentally focused business. Earthworks converts leftover food to compost, providing the Abilene community with a sustainable solution to manage waste.

Being a part of Wildcat Ventures provides CEO Members with numerous resources to help cultivate hands-on, practical, and value-adding experiences, thus preparing students for their future entrepreneurial journeys.

The Wildcat Ventures portfolio is composed of the following businesses:

  • Aperture Research Group // market research and analytics firm
  • Wildcat Software // software development firm
  • The Crossing Café // breakfast & coffee shop in the College of Business
  • Purple Collar Tees // custom t-shirt and merchandising company
  • Purple Outfitters // ACU apparel company

These businesses meet the needs of individuals and organizations in the community, while simultaneously giving CEO Members the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship firsthand.