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Student-Run Businesses

Located in the center of our business school, The Crossing Cafe is an exciting atmosphere with good vibes and great staff always ready to serve you coffee.
Aperture Research Group is a market research and analytics firm. The ARG team conducts surveys and focus groups, analyzes data, and provides valuable insight to businesses. ARG strives to help businesses better understand their customer and market.
Wildcat Software takes talented computer science students and combines them with cutting edge technology to produce high-quality custom software. They have completed several projects in iOS app development, websites, plugins and more.
Purple Collar Tees is a custom apparel screen printing company specializing in t-shirt design. PCT has serviced over 3,000 orders since the business began. The company is dedicated to providing impeccable client service and great products.

Purple Outfitters is a is an apparel company that offers unique ACU spirit-wear experience that reflects it’s students. The company strives to connect Wildcats at home and far away through a common thread.