Attendance Policy


Students are expected to attend class, be on time and be fully engaged in the material during our meeting times. Class time is valuable for instruction, feedback and dedicated time to work on projects. Arriving to class more than 10 minutes late is considered an absence. Leaving class early without permission from the instructor is considered an absence. Engaging in any activity during class time, other than those directly related to the course, constitutes an absence. Upon missing 20% of the course (9 absences MWF or 6 absences TR), the student will receive an F for the course grade unless he/she chooses to drop. For any absence, there is an expectation students will be prepared for the next class meeting. If you miss a class, you are responsible for the material covered and any assignments given. Excused absences, which do not count against the attendance grade, are those granted approval through ACU with the appropriate forms/documentation.

Attendance Grades are assigned as follows:

MWF Classes

  • 1 absence = 93%
  • 2 absences = 85%
  • 3 absences = 75%
  • 4 absences = 60%
  • 5-8 absences = 0%
  • 9 absences = Drop course or receive F for course grade
MW and TR Classes
  • 1 absence = 90%
  • 2 absences = 75%
  • 3 absences = 60%
  • 4-5 absences = 0%
  • 6 absences = Drop from course or receive F for course grade

If your performance is impacted negatively by excessive absences/tardiness due to extended serious illness or family tragedy, students are encouraged to discuss these circumstances immediately with the professor for any special consideration and/or assistance.