Mandatory Advising Workshop Meeting

TUESDAY – Mandatory Advising Workshop

Freshmen, please make sure you are available to attend a Mandatory Advising Workshop on Tuesday, October 9th from 11-12.  We will meet in DMC 141. This is super crucial to equip you to register for your classes for next semester. See you there.

Graphic Design Freshmen Lunch with Professors

WEDNESDAY Free Lunch – Graphic Design Freshmen

Freshmen Graphic Design majors, mark your calendar for lunch on Wednesday 10/10 from 11-12. This will be a great way to have some hang out time with your graphic design faculty, there will be good creative conversation, and some sort of creative exercise for you all to participate in.  Make sure you make space for this on your calendar to connect with other Graphic Design freshmen and start building a sense of community together. We will meet in the Art Conference room DMC 142 to start and move if need be.