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May 23, 2011 – 7:10 a.m.

This past weekend was busy, but it is going to be what all our weekends are like. I loved it! Friday night high schoolers, Saturday afternoon Tweens, and Sunday morning children’s Bible class. Tweens and Bible class are the times Dean and I are planning absolutely everything and teaching everything. Tweens will be doing Armor of God throughout the summer and Bible classes will be doing Moses. The things we taught this last weekend went well, but we definitely have room to improve.

Some of the high school girls with their crowns on.

The Friday night high schoolers really enjoyed having us there. Most of them remembered Dean from when he lived here two years ago. Some of the girls wanted to be my Facebook friends, so I’m still working on that. I really am looking forward to our week of Teen camp that we will be leaders for.
Saturday was definitely an experience. It was a fun experience, but a little frustrating at times, great fun other times, really hot sometimes, and extremely tiring. This week I will be learning some phrases in Samoan, and I am sure they will respond better to those. Sometimes, some of the tweens would kind of listen to me when I’d say come sit down over here, but when did would say it in Samoan, they’d all come running over to plop down on the grass. I hope to know some phrases by the time we have our next Tween activity.

My favorite part of Saturday was probably the Minute to Win it game that we played. They were split up into teams and had to get 3 empty soda cans from one table into a pyramid on another table using a piece of spaghetti to transfer the cans. We started off with them holding the spaghetti in their hands and the can could not touch their hands and the spaghetti could not break. When we saw that they did that version well, we had them hold the spaghetti in their mouths. Just look at the pictures and you’ll understand.  We then did a little singing and Bible study about the Belt of Truth. Then each Tween made their own belt of truth. Each link has a true statement about God on it.

Minute to Win It game with the Tweens

The Tweens with their Belts of Truth on.

Sunday morning, I taught the little kiddos. I had ages 3 – 4th grade. I did have a translator for this one, Manda. She really was a huge help! The younger ones especially have a difficult time completely understanding directions in English. They all understand English, but it’s more difficult. Church was a wonderful experience. We sang songs in both English and Samoan, we prayed in Samoan usually, and then we had a sermon: David Willis preaching in English and Tia (one of the elders) translating in Samoan.

This weekend really was a pretty typical weekend of what we’ll be doing this summer. During this week we’ll do a lot of planning and going around the island. Today, Dean and I will go with David to run some errands. I’ll be able to see the hospital, something else, and Pago Pago Harbor…you can find pictures online via Google images, or you can just wait for me to post pictures. We will see Flower Pot which is a rock formation just off the coast. I think that is where we’ll actually be able to play in the water and practice snorkeling. I’m really excited about it! I think we’re also planning to go on a hike and play another game of golf this week. I also hope that Danna and I will be able to find a time to go get a “puletasi” made. (The traditional Samoan dress) Danna did give me a “lavalava.” Which is just a wraparound. Men and women wear it, and it is considered respectful to wrap your waist before seeing your elders. I’ll probably wear one today because I’ll be wearing my swim shorts underneath so we can swim at Flower Pot. I’ll have to take pictures so you can see what a “lavalava” looks like.
Well, I’m off to get ready for the day. Thank you all for reading! And make sure you read Dean’s blog at


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