nǐ hǎo from Singapore!

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This is my first post. Sorry I have been so bad at blogging! Paige and I have been in Singapore for almost 3 weeks now. The church we are working with is Church of Christ Moulmein. It is hard to put all the experiences into a blog post. When we arrived in Singapore we went straight to Malaysia for the church’s camp. The camp was at a hotel and the whole church went. Everyone from babies to elders. It was really great getting to meet the whole church and start forming relationships so fast. Paige and I helped out with the kids and did the vbs with them. The young adults in the church are so welcoming and fun to hang out with. Since we returned from Malaysia Paige and I have done some exploring of the beautiful city and our new friends have showed us around. We are putting together teaching videos of the speakers the church has had in the past so that they can put them up on the website and other churches can use them. We have also been working with Friends of the Disabled Society and have hung out with them. Paige also taught them how to do one of her own crafts. We have been working with the children’s ministry, the youth, and hanging out and doing bible studys with the young adults. God has been so good! I hope everyone else is having the time of their lives and growing in the Lord. I’m praying for all of you!


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