Sample Class Blogs (updated)

by   |  09.09.09  |  Updates

If you’ve never created a blog and aren’t quite sure how it might support your particular classes or teaching style, here are a couple basic ideas from faculty last spring:

  • a class website for basic information, announcements or updates during the semester
  • a repository for documents, reading lists, assignment sheets, presentation slides, or links to articles
  • a collection of media you have created, links to strong content online or on iTunes, or embedded media from websites like YouTube
  • a discussion board for students to respond to material or the work of classmates
    (*ask about privacy settings)
  • a place for students to submit media projects or collaborative work for feedback
    (*ask about privacy settings)

What we learned last semester was that WordPress provides a flexible set of publishing tools that diverse faculty would use in a variety of ways.

While you’re considering how ACU Blogs might serve your needs, here are a handful of class blogs from faculty at ACU and at other universities to give you some idea of the range of possible uses: