What’s New this Fall 2010

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This Fall a significant amount of our work on WordPress was getting ready for the new Cornerstone Portal.

If you’re using the ACU Blogs theme and have forgotten where some of the settings are, here is an ACU Blogs Cheatsheet that Dr. Chris Willerton suggested for new and returning users.

Here are a handful of other details you may have noticed:

  • Most noticeably, a new feature of the Cornerstone theme is the addition of author avatars in the upper-left hand corner of posts or pages. *If you want to turn this off, go to Theme Options in the Dashboard and turn off page or post avatars there.
  • One new feature that came with our WordPress update is the ability to add post or page thumbnails. These thumbnails can appear in two places. If you have turned on author avatars in posts/pages on the previous note, thumbnails (if they exist) will appear in this same location.
  • The other place that post or page thumbnails can appear is in the new mobile interface of WPtouch. If you’d like to see this working, check the Cornerstone Portal where the calendar icon has been replaced by post thumbnails. To turn this feature on, go to the WPtouch settings in the Dashboard.
  • Embedding videos from YouTube and other sharing sites has also gotten much easier. Just copy and paste the URL of the video onto its own line in your editor and you’re done. Here is a list of all the video sites that now work this way. (*If you’re already using the WP Video plugin shortcodes, then you can continue with either option.)
  • The Image Widget plugin makes adding images to the sidebar simple.
  • Finally, the Google Analytics plugin makes tracking weekly usage of your blog or individual content possible.

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