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WordPress iOS app now supported


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One other addition to ACU Blogs this summer is support for the WordPress iOS app for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Anyone managing blogs on our WP server can now edit posts and pages, approve comments, and upload a quick photo or video wherever they are. The following video walks you through key features of the app. See below for a download link and setup instructions.


To add one or more blogs to the app, follow these setup instructions.
  1. Install the WordPress app
  2. From the app homescreen, choose the “Add self-hosted WordPress blog” option
  3. In the URL field, type “”  (*the “s” in “https” is important)
  4. In Username and Password fields, type your MyACU login username and password
  5. After saving, select each of the blogs you want to manage using the app

If you have questions about the app or just about any other feature on ACU Blogs, drop by the Learning Studio during staff hours.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1

0 Commentsby   |  08.05.11  |  Updates

Anyone noticing a few changes around their blog dashboard has already figured out ACU Blogs upgraded to WordPress 3 this summer. Here are just a few of the features now available:

Admin Bar – If you manage a number of class blogs (WP 3 calls them “sites”), the new Admin Bar will help you keep up with them, offering easy access to other blogs or to frequently used Dashboard panels for the current blog. (*To turn off the Admin Bar, go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile.)

Themes – ACU Blogs now supports a number of custom themes to add personality to your blog. Themes like the new Twenty Eleven introduce a range of new features (like horizontal “Menu” bars and custom post types) but may not support custom ACU sidebar widgets.

New Plugins – In response to user requests, we’ve also added a handful of plugins you may be interested in for embedding more types of media, files, and calendars or for sharing blog content on a range of social media.

AddThis or ShareThis plugins – Two options for adding icons to your blog for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. (Activate plugin and sign-up for free account.)

Embedly plugin – simple embedding of content from over 200 sites by copying and pasting URLs. (Activate plugin and sign-up for free account.)

ICS Calendar plugin – alternative for embedding Google Calendars into blog post or page. (Activate plugin then find, you’ll need ICS code from a public Google calendar.)


For a couple quick notes on what is new in 3.2, watch the launch video.