Upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1

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Anyone noticing a few changes around their blog dashboard has already figured out ACU Blogs upgraded to WordPress 3 this summer. Here are just a few of the features now available:

Admin Bar – If you manage a number of class blogs (WP 3 calls them “sites”), the new Admin Bar will help you keep up with them, offering easy access to other blogs or to frequently used Dashboard panels for the current blog. (*To turn off the Admin Bar, go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile.)

Themes – ACU Blogs now supports a number of custom themes to add personality to your blog. Themes like the new Twenty Eleven introduce a range of new features (like horizontal “Menu” bars and custom post types) but may not support custom ACU sidebar widgets.

New Plugins – In response to user requests, we’ve also added a handful of plugins you may be interested in for embedding more types of media, files, and calendars or for sharing blog content on a range of social media.

AddThis or ShareThis plugins – Two options for adding icons to your blog for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. (Activate plugin and sign-up for free account.)

Embedly plugin – simple embedding of content from over 200 sites by copying and pasting URLs. (Activate plugin and sign-up for free account.)

ICS Calendar plugin – alternative for embedding Google Calendars into blog post or page. (Activate plugin then find, you’ll need ICS code from a public Google calendar.)


For a couple quick notes on what is new in 3.2, watch the launch video.

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