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Two more shots

2 Commentsby   |  09.27.11  |  Lightpainting Fort Griffin, Spring 2011

Nil behind the scenes

0 Commentsby   |  09.26.11  |  Behind the Scenes, Lightpainting Fort Griffin, Spring 2011

Nil group shot

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more favorites from Nil

1 Commentby   |  04.11.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011

more favs from me…

Favorites from Nil

0 Commentsby   |  04.10.11  |  Photography Gruene, Spring 2011

Spring 2011


Fall 2010

Behind the Scenes from Nil

3 Commentsby   |  04.10.11  |  Behind the Scenes, Photography Gruene, Spring 2011

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Pics from Bob

1 Commentby   |  10.19.10  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2010

night shooting

0 Commentsby   |  10.16.10  |  Photography Gruene, Fall 2010

Nil Santana's Comment Archive

  1. Nil Santana on Portraits and Night Shots
    10:36 am, 04.15.13

    These are awesome! Looks like you guys had fun. Loving the light on those portraits.

  2. Nil Santana on Donald's Marfa Pics
    7:23 pm, 11.02.12

    Nice! I love the last image (back of trailer), the light there is really nice.

    It was great to spend the weekend there with you, Donald.

  3. Nice images. I am particularly intrigued by the empty carton boxes (the pattern/grid they form, and by their structure, light/shadow).

  4. Nil Santana on Pybus Portfolio
    9:04 pm, 03.06.12

    Great shots here as well, Kenneth. The facade picture is one of my favorites from your images. Very intriguing rotation, and as Kyle mentioned, the blend from light to dark in the sky is simply beautiful.

  5. Nil Santana on Places by Kenny Jones
    8:59 pm, 03.06.12

    Very nice compositional elements, Kenny. The architectural details call for keen and observant eyes.

  6. Great, and fun group!

    Someone asked me if I was getting tired of doing this — my reply was: I will never get tired! Thanks Kyle, and everyone again for making this possible.

  7. Brad – these images turned out great. Very simple compositions, yet they have great holding power. Chase Jarvis says “the best camera you have is the one with you.” The iPhone (or cellphone cameras) is certainly in that list!

  8. Nil Santana on from Jennifer Shewmaker
    1:31 pm, 10.26.11

    I am sure Stephen has mentioned to you how we all loved seeing your photos. The water tower (black and white) is wonderfully modern, and very nice portrait of Camille. Really great work, Jennifer.

  9. Nil Santana on Some from Greg
    1:28 pm, 10.26.11

    Great shots, Greg! I agree with Kristen. I saw you taking that picture and thought it would turn out nice.

  10. Nil Santana on behind the scenes
    9:58 am, 10.24.11

    I also like the fact that with digital photo not only I can immediately see the image on the LCD display, but also show to the person I am photographing, or share the image(s) with a friend after taking it. (Jack and Jill, George and Dora photos above).