Research Grants


Abilene Christian University values and encourages scholarly activity and innovation. Aging Studies grants awarded through the Pruett Gerontology Center are designed to ensure that the university’s research agenda is informed by the needs of an aging society and to support faculty research focused on issues facing older adults.



The purpose of the Aging Studies grant is to support faculty development and enhance the quality and reputation of academic programs in the area of aging by providing funding to support student and faculty research and promote research presentation and publication. Funding is available to all disciplines and may be used to conduct research* or creative endeavors involving the older population of at least 65 years of age. Proposals are encouraged to include student(s) in all phases of the project.


Examples of Topics

The Director of the PGC is available to discuss potential research topics. The following are only a few ways to connect the study of aging with the major disciplines of the faculty:

  • technology and well-being in later life
  • innovation in human services such as service delivery in rural areas
  • theology/ministry with older adults
  • communication disorders such as aphasia and stroke victims
  • social attitudes & misconceptions about old age
  • intergenerational issues, communication, and friendships
  • gender and minority inequity in later life
  • management, marketing, investment and baby boomers
  • health care management and delivery
  • Alzheimer’s treatment or caregiving issues
  • physical health in later life
  • promotion/measuring psychological and/or spiritual well-being in later life
  • public policy or politics and aging
  • volunteerism
  • grandparents raising grandchildren
  • aging and the family
  • intergenerational day care
  • successful aging or ageism expressed/exposed in performing and creative arts
  • intergenerational reconciliation through creative expression

*Note: All Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols must be met before conducting research. For more information regarding research proposals and IRB approval, see the  Office of Research & Sponsored Programs website


Applications are to be submitted using the University common grant application form ( Proposals will be evaluated by the Aging Studies Grant committee, composed of faculty representing a variety of disciplines and the Director of the Pruett Gerontology Center. Preference will be shown to proposals exhibiting a high level of engagement for student researchers in the area of gerontology.


  1. Increase faculty mentoring of students in gerontology research and creative activities
  2. Promote research publication and presentation
  3. Increase student opportunities for research and creative expression
  4. Facilitate and support research across the university in the area of Aging Studies


The Pruett Gerontology Center will provide up to $10,000 per year for approved proposals. Disbursal of these funds will depend on the grant applications submitted and approved by the IRB.

Three areas to be considered in the budget are:
1. Faculty Funding. Funding will be provided for either release time or a faculty stipend of up to $5000. The money for release time will be transferred directly to the department/college to hire relief instructors as needed. Course release must be approved by the Department Chair.
2. Research Expense Funding. Faculty can be reimbursed up to $1,000 for research expenses, equipment, and supplies. Receipts are required to document these expenditures.
3. Student Funding. Faculty are encouraged to include at least one undergraduate research assistant in the project. Funding for student researchers is in addition to the faculty funding. Faculty members may apply for students to receive up to $1,000 for one academic year ($500/semester) or $2000 for the summer. Faculty may include up to 4 undergraduate research assistants in their proposal.


Faculty receiving PGC Aging Studies grants must meet one of the following goals:
1. Submit a proposal to present at a professional conference.
2. Submit a paper or creative product for dissemination in a peer-reviewed forum.

3. Participate in an on-campus forum where they discuss the results of their project,

In addition, ALL recipients that include undergraduate researchers must have students present at the Undergraduate Research Festival or other juried campus forum. Questions concerning the Aging Studies Grants should be directed to Dr. Suzie Macaluso, Director, Pruett Gerontology Center,