Aging Resources

What Should College Students Know About Wills?

By: Jazilyn TorresUpon growing up, you may have heard of “wills*.” Do you have a will created already? Have you seen or asked anyone in your family if they have a will created? Creating a will is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to ensuring that an...

A Nap A Day

Reading through the article by ScienceDaily titled "A nap a day keeps the high blood pressure at bay" was an intriguing read learning about not only the benefit of having a boost of energy and waking up in a better mood, but also the benefit of reducing high blood...

Fear of Death

Death is an inevitable process that everyone must go through at some point; there is no avoiding it. It is natural to have a fear of death and to feel anxiety about either oneself or a loved one dying. As older adults approach it, they can easily experience anxiety, a...

Aging & Driving

Getting one's license is a huge milestone in many people's eyes; having this new sense of independence can be life-changing. You suddenly do not have to rely on others for your transportation. Need to go to the store? Want to go hang out with friends? Going to church?...

Other Helpful Links

Aging Services – Department of Health and Human Services website

Alzheimer’s Association –  National homepage

Area Agency on Aging  –  The Abilene resource through the West Central Texas Council of Governments.

Meaningful Activities  –  Explore how music, art and pet visits can improve quality of life experiences.

Texas Silver-Haired Legislature –  Advocates for Seniors through Public Policy

Age Wave – Understanding the effects of an aging population

Regrets of the Dying –  five most common regrets shared by those faced with dying