Casting a Long Shadow

Photographer: Zach Snyder
Pictured: Bob Gomez

Categories: 2020, Black and White

At 79 years old, Bob Gomez is working hard to stay in good shape. This picture captures his daily pre-dawn run. His routine includes running the two miles around ACU every single morning before making his way to the Money Recreation and Wellness Center to work out some more. Every so often, our paths cross when I am returning to campus early in the morning from being at the emergency room or responding to some other crisis involving a student. I am ending my “day” at 5 AM just as he is starting his; we greet each other, compare notes for a moment, and then he runs on.

Bob has impacted generations of ACU students, faculty, and staff. He spent 23 years working on campus in a variety of different capacities, finishing out his career as Director of Alumni and then the Director of the Office of Multicultural Enrichment. While he retired from full-time work at ACU in 2004, he has stayed an active member of our campus and community ever since.

- Zach Snyder