2012-2013 Initiation Ceremony


Omega Gamma

Abilene Christian University’s

Chapter of

Sigma Delta Pi

National Collegiate Hispanic

Honor Society

Former President Briana Burton Welcoming Guests and soon-to-be Memebers

Former President Briana Burton Welcoming Guests and soon-to-be Members




The new members of Sigma Delta Pi were initiated at the end of the 2013 Spring semester! The Ceremony for the most recent members was held in the Campus Living Room where Dr. Cole Bennet, Chair of the Language and Literature Department, recounted his wonderful experiences visiting Spain over the past few years.

Dr. Diana Taylor, from the ACU Speech and Language Clinic, was present to express her thanks to the students who aided in translating paper work. These students were presented with appreciation certificates for their hard work. As the new members were welcomed, goodbyes were said as many members, new and old, were approaching the final weeks of their Senior Year. New officers were elected for the Fall 2013 semester to fill the positions of the graduating officers. President Briana Burton’s position was filled by Jessi Allen, Angelica Zuniga was made secretary, Miriam Quigley was selected to fill Kelsey Roberts’ position as Communications Officer, and Paloma Cavazos was elected to be Historian.

Guests Arriving for the Ceremony