More of my articles are found on the Restoration Quarterly website. Search for both Tim Sensing and Timothy Sensing.

Two articles are found on Pepperdine’s Digital Commons. Search for Tim Sensing. Also, ACU Digital Commons has several archived articles.

“The Eucharist in an Unarticulated World.” In Bakhtin and the Eucharist. Edited by Angelo Cardita, Institute for Bakhtin Studies. INTERAÇÕES: Cultura e Comunidade 10.18 (Ago./Set. 2015): 140-161. (See article here). Look for the English pdf download.

“Being There Even When You Are Not: ‘Presence’ in Distance Preaching.” Religions 202314(3), 347;


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“What in the World is Research?” Discernment: Theology and the Practice of Ministry 8.1 (2022).

“When Research is not Research.” Journal of Christian Ministry 11 (Spring 2022).