This is the Gospel

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Now that I have children living in the metroplex, I realize how different Fort Worth is different from Dallas. Both are part of the metroplex but are very different places. Different places mean different contexts.

Churches have context. Albany is not Anson and is not Clyde. Churches just down the road from each other can differ significantly. More »

God Saves by Grace

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I was questioned recently about my assertion in a Sunday morning class that “God always saves by grace.” This statement troubles some people because they have heard that the only way for Israelites to be saved was by obeying the whole Law. However, the door into a covenant relationship with God (salvation) for a Jew is not the Law but circumcision. I paraphrased in the class John Ziesler who summarizes what all current Pauline scholarship now affirms, “However, there is no authority in Jewish texts that taught God’s approval was to be earned, nor that salvation was by human merit. Salvation is always divine grace and well understood in Jesus’ day even by the Pharisees.”[1]

To support my view, I asked the class a few weeks back to recall when we studied Deuteronomy. One of the key passages in that study was, More »

New Edition Coming Soon

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A new edition of Qualitative Research is coming soon. Wipf & Stock has agreed to publish a second edition. Due to the wonderful sales, Wipf & Stock will be moving the book to its Cascade imprint.

Preface to the Second Edition

The appeal of the first edition surprised me. It not only filled a lacuna in the literature, but it also met a need in Doctor of Ministry programs across North America. However, I do not like second editions because so much of the material is the same. I wonder, “Was this a way to get me to buy a second book?” While much of this book is the same, it is expanded, revised, and nuanced. The book is different because I am not the same. The idea of a second edition sprouted from the many scattered seeds of feedback from students and colleagues from other institutions. Emails and phone calls from students using the book spotlighted places the book needed clarification. More »

Highland Bible Class

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The adult Bible classes at Highland began again on January 17. The video is found here.  The reflection questions for John 12 are:

Discussion Questions More »

Black Preaching

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Today I have updated my bibliography on Black Preaching.

See Black Preaching Bibliography 2020 More »

New Baptist Studies Center

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A Word to the 2020 Graduates

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What are Your Credentials?

Philippians 3:4b-4:1

More »

The Wrath of God

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July 5, 2020

The link for today’s delightful class is @ Class link on YouTube

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Baptist Studies Center

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June 13, 2020

Abilene Christian University (ACU) announces the opening of The Baptist Studies Center as part of the Graduate School of Theology (GST). Dr. Myles Werntz, presently the T. B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at Logsdon School of Theology, will be named the first Director of the Baptist Studies Center. Dr. Werntz has nearly ten years of experience teaching in Baptist seminaries, as well as long-standing relationships with Baptist organizations and churches regionally and nationally. He is a tenured Associate Professor at Hardin-Simmons University (HSU) and the author and editor of five books in theology and ethics. In addition to courses in Baptist theology, ethics, and ecclesiology, he will serve as an Associate Professor in the GST and will teach general classes in theology and ethics. More »


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“PPE” “C0VID-19” “Pandemic” “Social Distancing” “Essential Workers”

“Epidemiology” “Quarantine” “N95 Respirators” More »