Angels in Their Underwear

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I have updated a previous graduate chapel presentation from 2016 and preached the following sermon at Albany Church of Christ. Three years…that’s about right. The lectionary is on a three-year cycle.

A Word of Exhortation More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 8

by   |  03.27.19  |  Sermons

What Really Counts

Galatians 6:11-18

Focus: All that counts is God’s new creation. More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 7

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New Creation Communities

Galatians 6:1-10

Focus:  As a new creation community, the church demonstrates the gospel of love. More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 6

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A Single Command

Galatians 5:1,13-15

Focus: God’s freedom expresses itself through us in love. More »

Galatian Sermon Series # 5

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Christ Formed in You

Galatians 4:8-20

Focus: Christ in us generates a blessed way of being in the world. More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 4

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Living Out Your Baptism

Galatians (3:1-25) 3:26-4:7

Year C, Proper 7 More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 3

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The Cruciformed Life

Galatians (2:15-21) 2:19-21

Year C, Proper 6 More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 2

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Church Potluck Catastrophes

Galatians (1:11-2:10) 2:11-21

Focus: The gospel radically changes all social relationships. More »

Galatians Sermon Series # 1

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No Introductions Required

Galatians 1:1-12

Focus: Preaching that is called by God protects the integrity of the gospel. More »

Timely Quote

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While preparing for my sermon I read the following.

Today people are fundamentally consumers: they want what they want when they want it, even in the church. If they do not like what is happening or what they hear, they leave and start shopping for a better deal. Meanwhile, the pressure is constantly on preachers to increase attendance, to raise the budget, to grow a church–to do whatever it takes to improve market share. Be nice; be funny; make promises; do not offend. There is an inordinate desire for approval, for applause, for appreciation on the part of pastors today. To Paul’s queston, “Am I seeking human approval, … am I trying to please people?” (Gal 1.10), many preachers today would have to answer, in all honesty, yes. When preachers are captive to public opinion, when churches too easily become purveyors of gospel gimmicks, offering the religious goods and services people want, what is sacrificed is the ability to be a slave of Christ in service to his unchanging gospel. More »