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Preaching Bibliography 2018

The Theology of Preaching Bibliography

African American Preaching Bibliography (Braxton)

Black Preaching JAAM 6 2000 (Sensing)

Black Preaching Bibliography 2020 Sensing

OT Resources for Preaching 2013

Bibliography on Preaching Pauline Literature 2012

Bibliography for Practical Theology 2021

Spiritual Formation Bibliography 2018

Blog post on my top ten list for homiletics

The journal Homiletic is now available with free access here.

Academy of Homiletics.

Journals related to pastoral care are found here. From this site you can explore various options including the journal of Reflective Practice. Reflective Practice archives are found here.

An excellent site to access the lectionary is While many libraries have excellent online resources, I find that Vanderbilt’s library is the most user friendly.

The Wabash Center has an Internet Guide that includes a link to preaching and rhetoric. Also see Religion Online for a guide for theological sites.

Biblical Texts are found here.

The library has a resource page. See also A Guide for Student Study & Writing.

Concise dictionaries and handbooks enable readers to quickly understand the landscape in the field. Homiletics has two excellent works.

  1. Willimon, William H. and Richard Lischer (eds.). Concise Encyclopedia of Preaching. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox, 1995.
  2. Wilson, Paul Scott (ed.). The New Interpreter’s Handbook of Preaching. Nashville: Abingdon, 2008.

There are many books that contain published sermons. See my bibliography above for the following authors: Barbara Brown Taylor, Fleming Rutledge, Peter Gomes, William Willimon, and Thomas Long & Cornelius Plantinga. However, the best ways to examine sermons is to hear sermons. Check out Duke Chapel’s website.

Luther Seminary has an excellent collection of homiletical helps at Working Preacher.

The first homiletical textbook was written by Augustine. You can read Book 4 of On Christian Doctrine here. Other valuable resources includes reading Aristotle’s Poetics as a guide to narrative preaching. See also Aristotle’s Rhetoric.

Book of Common Prayer.

Guide to Early Church Documents or see the Christian Classics Library

One of the most insightful scholars today is N. T. Wright. Check out his page here.

Mark Goodacre from Duke University has an excellent site for biblical studies here.

Various Encyclopedias are available online.

Craig Churchill, ACU’s Theological Librarian, offers the following suggestions (some of which are repeated above):

Web Sites:


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