Abilene Churches

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ACU Students are members at many local churches. Below is the contact information for most of these churches.

Churches of Christ     Apostolic     Assemblies of God     Baptist     Catholic     

Christian Church (Disciples/Independent)     Church of God in Christ

Episcopal     Interdenominational     Lutheran     Methodist     Nazarene

Orthodox     Presbyterian



Churches of Christ

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Baker Heights Church of Christ  – 5382 Texas Avenue, Abilene, Texas

692-6974 www.bakerheights.org  Map


Buffalo Gap Church of Christ – 741 Litel Street – Buffalo Gap, Texas 79508

572-3333 www.bgcoc.com Map


Clyde Church of Christ – 206 South 4th – Clyde, Texas 79510

893-4723 Map


11th and Willis Church of Christ – 3309 South 11th, Abilene, Texas

698-3255 Map


Fifth and Grape Church of Christ – 433 Grape Street, Abilene, Texas

673-0211 Map


Hamby Church of Christ – 197 Country Road 504, Abilene, Texas 79601

548-2740 www.hambycoc.org Map


Highland Church of Christ – 425 Highland Avenue, Abilene, Texas

673-2630 www.highlandchurch.org Map


Highway 36 Church of Christ – 10576 Highway 36 South, Abilene, Texas

529-3818 Map


Hillcrest Church of Christ – 650 East Ambler, Abilene, Texas

673-4565 www.hillcrestonline.com Map


Hope Church of Christ – 1801 Highway 351,  Abilene, Texas

676-4673 www.hopechurchofchrist.com Map


Merkel Church of Christ – 700 Ash Street, Merkel, Texas

928-5024  www.merkelchurchofchrist.org Map


Minda Church of Christ – 701 Minda Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

676-2151 www.mindacoc.org Map


Minter Lane Church of Christ – 2502 Minter Lane, Abilene, Texas

677-8611 Map


New Life Church of Christ – 910 Cypress Street,  Abilene, Texas

695-2434 http://www.newlifeabilene.com/ Map


North Park Church of Christ –  2958 Grape,  Abilene, Texas

677-6934  Map


North 10th and Treadaway Church of Christ –  943 North Treadaway Abilene, Texas

672-7122 Map


Northwest Church of Christ – 1141 North Willis, Abilene, Texas

677-7982 www.northwestchurch.clearwire.net Map


Oakland Drive Church of Christ – 2702 Forrest, Abilene, Texas

672-1337 Map


Oakridge Church of Christ – 3250 Beltway South, Abilene, Texas

692-2440 Map


Oldham Lane Church of Christ – 5049 Oldham Lane,  Abilene, Texas

695-0055 www.oldhamlane.org Map


South 14th and Oak Church of Christ – 1410 Oak,  Abilene, Texas

677-1254 Map


Southern Hills Church of Christ – 3666 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas

692-2670 www.southernhillschurch.org Map


University Church of Christ – 733 East North 16th,  Abilene, Texas 79601

673-6497 www.uccabilene.org Map


Westgate Church of Christ – 402 South Pioneer, Abilene, Texas

692-2300 www.westgatecofc.com Map


Woodlawn Church of Christ – 3185 North 10th Street,  Abilene, Texas

673-6776 www.woodlawncofc.org Map


Wylie Church of Christ- 6090 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-6881 www.wyliechurchofchrist.org Map



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Abundant Life Annex – 707 South 11th St., Abilene, Texas 79602

677-2777 Map


Abundant Life Apostolic Ministries –  741 South 11th St., Abilene, Texas 79602

673-4913 Map


Apostolic Assembly Church  – 2925 Hickory Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

672-5500 Map


Assemblies of God

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Glad Tidings Assembly of God – 3081 Edgemont, Abilene, Texas 79605

691-0121 Map


Lighthouse Assembly of God – 5325 Texas, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-6453 http://www.lighthouseabilene.com Map


New Hope Church – 3122 South Clack St., Abilene, Texas 79606

795-2222 http://www.newhope-ag.com Map


New Life Temple –  2465 Old Anson Rd., Abilene, Texas 79603

676-2121 www.newlifetempleag.org Map


North Park Assembly of God –  1918 Jameson St., Abilene, Texas 79603

673-4378 Map



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Baptist (Southern)


Belmont Baptist Church – 2117 Palm Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

672-5689 www.belmont-online.com Map


Beltway Park Baptist Church –  4009 Beltway South,  Abilene, Texas 79606

692-6540 www.beltway.org


Caps Baptist Church – 6610 US Highway 277 South,  Abilene, Texas 79606

692-3948 www.capsbaptist.org  Map


Crescent Heights Baptist Church – 1902 North Mockingbird Lane, Abilene, Texas 79603

677-3749 Map


Elmcrest Baptist Church –  517 North Pioneer Drive, Abilene, Texas 79603

673-3734 Map


Elmwood Baptist Church – 2933 South 7th Street, Abilene, Texas 79605

677-7524 Map


First Baptist Church- 1333 North 3rd,  Abilene, Texas 79601

675-8100 www.fbcabilene.org Map


Holiday Hills Baptist Church – 5309 Capitol Avenue, Abilene, Texas 79603

692-6681 www.holidayhillsbaptistchurch.com Map


Immanuel Baptist Church –  1241 Cypress Street,  Abilene, Texas 79601

677-2766 www.proverbs2719.com Map


Lytle South Baptist Church – 1125 East Industrial Blvd., Abilene, Texas 79602

695-6533 www.lytlesouth.com Map


North Park Baptist Church –  1525 Anson Avenue Abilene, Texas 79601

672-5300 Map


Pioneer Drive Baptist Church –  701 South Pioneer Drive, Abilene, Texas 79602

692-6776 www.pdbc.org Map


Ridgemont Baptist Church – 4857 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas 79605

698-4331 www.ridgemontbaptist.com Map


Shining Star Fellowship Church –  301 Palm Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

672-7265 www.shiningstarfellowship.org Map


Southside Baptist Church –  1425 S. 7th St., Abilene, Texas  79602

677-8185 www.ssbaptist.org


Southwest Park Baptist Church –  2901 South 20th Street,  Abilene, Texas 79605

692-3296 www.southwestpark.org Map


Tye Baptist Church –  207 Morgan Street,  Tye, Texas 79563

692-4805 Map


View Baptist Church –  250 Boynton Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

698-8741 Map


Wylie Baptist Church –  6097 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-3206 www.wbcabilene.org Map


Baptist (Independent)


Abilene Baptist Church –  5601 Hartford,  Abilene, Texas 79605

692-2122 Map


Central Baptist Church –  3232 Grape, Abilene, Texas 79601

677-9253 Map


Faith Baptist Church – 2300 South 20th, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-1500 Map


North Side Baptist Church –  2474 Westwood,  Abilene, Texas 79603

673-6243 www.nsbcnet.com Map


Trinity Baptist Church – 871 Woodlawn, Abilene, Texas 79603

673-4796 www.trinityabilene.com Map


Victory Baptist Church –  4810 Jarman Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

677-0903 Map


Baptist (Independent Fundamental)


Harvest Baptist Church – 1389 Vine Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

437-1645 www.hbcabilene.com Map

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Holy Family Catholic Church – 5410 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-1820 www.holyfamilyabilene.org Map


Sacred Heart Catholic Church – 837 Jeanette Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

677-7951 www.abilenesacredheart.com Map


St. Francis Catholic Church –  826 Cottonwood Street Abilene, Texas 79601

672-6695 www.stfrancis-abilene.org Map



St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic Church –  2525 Westview Drive, Abilene, Texas 79603

672-1749 www.stvincent-pallotti.org Map


Christian Church
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Abilene Christian Church –  1702 Woodard St., Abilene, Texas 79605

692-3145 Map


Brook Hollow Christian Church –  2310 South Willis Street, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-4446 www.brookhollowcc.org Map


First Christian Church – 1420 North 3rd Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

677-2186 www.fccabilene.org Map


Wylie Christian Church –  6250 Buffalo Gap Road,  Abilene, Texas 79606

691-0400 www.wyliechristianchurch.org Map


Church of God in Christ

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Bethel Church of God in Christ –  634 Cottonwood St.,  Abilene, Texas 79601

672-9998 Map



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Episcopal Church of The Heavenly Rest –  602 Meander Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

677-2091 www.chrabilene.com Map


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church – 3150 Vogel Street, Abilene, Texas 79603

677-1471 www.stmarksabilene.com Map


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Bethel Temple Christian Center –  3101 North 12th St., Abilene, Texas 79603

677-9720 www.btccabilene.com Map


Bible Chapel – Corner Winters Frwy &1-20, Abilene, Texas 79603

672-8700 Map


Calvary Chapel – 5403 S. 1st (Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel), Abilene, texas 79603

325-668-6890 www.calvarychapelabilene.com


Champions Church – 7474 Buffalo Gap Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

695-0303 www.champschurch.com Map


Church On the Rock Abilene – 1228 Grape St., Abilene, Texas 79603

672-5446 Map


Fountaingate Fellowship Church – 909 North Willis, Abilene, Texas 79603

672-6165 http://www.fountaingatefellowship.org/  Map


Grace Family Church – PO Box 1086, Abilene, Texas 79604

795-9505 http://www.gracefamily.org/ Map



Hope Chapel of the Foursquare Church –  3502 Rebecca Ln, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-7009 Map


Kingdom Builders Family Ministries – 1326 South 14th St. Suite E, Abilene, Texas 79602

677-1817 Map


Morning Star Community Church –  221 Oak St.,  Abilene, Texas 79602

675-5060 www.mscc.tv


Redeeming Love Faith Fellowship Church –  5858 US Hwy 277 South, Abilene, Texas 79606

690-9673 Map



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Grace Lutheran Church – 1202 South Pioneer Dr., Abilene, Texas 79605

692-1342 www.quadlink.com/gracelutheran/ Map

Our Savior Lutheran Church – 4933 South 7th, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-6163 Map


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Aldersgate United Methodist Church – 1741 Sayles Blvd, Abilene, Texas 79605

672-7893 www.aldersgateabilene.org Map


Caps United Methodist Church –  6501 US Highway 277 South, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-6241 www.caps-umc.org Map


Elmwood West United Methodist Church –  1302 South Pioneer Drive, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-1173 Map


Epworth United Methodist Church –  1102 North Willis Street, Abilene, Texas 79603

677-6967 Map


First Evangelical Methodist Church –  6010 US Highway 277 South, Abilene, Texas 79606

695-9949 Map


First United Methodist Church – 202 Butternut Street, Abilene, Texas 79602

673-6769 www.fumcabilene.com Map


Grace United Methodist Church – 1402 Grape Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

672-8121 Map


St. James United Methodist Church – 3100 Barrow Street, Abilene, Texas 79605

692-0263 www.sjumc.com Map


St. Paul United Methodist Church – 525 Beech Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

672-7814 www.stpaulabilene.org Map


United Methodist Church – 626 North 6th Street, Abilene, Texas 79601

672-9128 Map


Wylie United Methodist Church – 3430 Antilley Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

698-3409 www.wyliemethodist.org Map


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Abilene Southwest Church of The Nazarene – 5125 Antilley Road, Abilene, Texas 79606

692-8741 Map


Church of The Nazarene Trinity – 3302 State St.,  Abilene, Texas 79603

677-7917 www.abilenetrinity.org Map


First Church of The Nazarene – 2849 Beltway South, Abilene, Texas 79606

677-9429 www.fcnabilene.org Map


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St Luke Orthodox Church –  501 Sunset Dr., Abilene, Texas

675-9922 http://www.stlukeorthodox.net/ Map


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Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church – 2742 Buffalo Gap Rd., Abilene, Texas 79605

698-1704 Map


First Central Presbyterian Church – 400 Orange, Abilene, Texas 79601

677-3501  www.fcpc.net Map


Westminster Presbyterian Church – 4515 South 14th St., Abilene, Texas 79605

692-3544 http://www.wpcabilene.org/ Map 




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