Scripture Study Guides/Books

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Old Testament

Nehemiah Bill Hybels

Esther: God Fulfills a Promise Karen H. Jobes and Janet Nygren

Psalms (Volume 2) Bill Hybels

Daniel John Ortberg

New Testament

The Lord’s Prayer John Ortberg

2 Corinthians  Max Lucado

Ephesians  Henry, Richard, Thomas, Melvin & Norman Blackaby

A Joyride Through Philippians Laura Greiner and Sharon Kohring

Colossians and Philemon Max Lucado

1 & 2 Timothy & Titus  Henry, Richard, Thomas, Melvin & Norman Blackaby

1 & 2 Timothy and Titus Max Lucado


Bible 101 Series

  • Foundations: How We Got the Bible (Bill Donahue)
  • Times & Places: Picturing the Events of the Bible (Michael Redding)
  • Cover to Cover: Getting the Bible’s Big Picture (Gary Mathisen)
  • Study Methods: Experiencing the Power of God’s Word (Kathy Dice)
  • Interpretation: Discovering the Bible for Yourself (JudsonPoling)
  • Parables & Prophecy: Unlocking the Bible’s Mysteries (Bill Donahue)
  • Great Themes: Understanding the Bible’s Core Doctrines (Michael Redding)
  • Personal Devotion: Taking God’s Word to Heart (Kathy Dice)



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