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Dr. Cliff Barbarick is a professor of New Testament at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. He created this website to promote biblical storytelling by sharing performances of biblical texts (both his own and his students’) and providing resources to help others learn to internalize and perform Scripture.

To learn more about biblical storytelling, watch one of the performances below and visit the About and Resources pages linked in the menu above.

John 12:1–11

Performance Notes:  I first told this story in a Zoom session of the Network of Biblical Storytellers Scholars Seminar (a group of “storytelling scholars” and “scholarly storytellers” who gather to explore Scripture through biblical performance criticism). You can...

1 Peter 1:1–2:3

Performance Notes:  As part of Summit 2022 at Abilene Christian University, I performed all of 1 Peter in a session titled “Reading and Hearing 1 Peter.” After that event, I recorded my performance of 1 Peter so that I could share it on the blog. Rather than share it...

Ecclesiastes 2:12–26

Performance Notes:  For this post, the commentary is included in the video following the performance of Ecclesiastes 2:12–26. You can jump directly to the commentary at the 04:00 mark.  I learned this section of Ecclesiastes in order to tell it as part of the "Epic...


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I hope you enjoy the performance videos posted on this blog, but the stories are best experienced live!

To hear a story in person, consider bringing me to your church or other organization to share biblical storytelling. I’d enjoy the opportunity to tell stories for a one-time gathering or multi-day event. I’d be even more excited to offer a workshop—ranging from a 30 minute introduction to a weekend retreat—that equips others to tell biblical stories.


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