Charge to
Task Force

The charge of the Diversity Task Force is to maximize participation in the institutional climate survey, identify and review existing data, and research best practices. The task force will then focus on evidence-based recommendations for education and training, retention, and the hiring of faculty of color and will make recommendations for sustainability of the most needed and effective efforts.

Unity in the Midst of Growing Diversity

ACU desires to develop an integrated and unified approach, demonstrating true commitment to racial and ethnic inclusion and cultural competence in order to help all students reach their full potential. Specifically, feedback received during recent campus forums and the Student Satisfaction Inventory reveals the need to ensure all students experience a sense of belonging and that faculty and staff are adequately equipped to understand and address all students’ needs. These responses reflect a challenge facing Christian higher education, which must not only acknowledge the past but prepare for a more diverse future.

Meet the Task Force

Stephanie Hamm, Ph. D. (Chair)

Associate Professor of Social Work

Prentice Ashford

Director of Office of Multicultural Affairs

Doug Foster, Ph. D.

Professor of Church History

Lisa Gilmore

Associate Director of Athletics
for Student-Athlete Welfare

Pat Hernandez, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Wendy Jones (advisory)

Chief Human Resources Officer and Title IX Coordinator

Dennis Marquardt, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Management

Tim Head, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Engineering and Physics

Stephanie Talley, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Melissa Henderson

AT&T Learning Studio Training & Support Manager

Kristina Davis, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor of Communication and Sociology

Corey Boone

Student Member

Melissa Kichura

Student Member

Strategic Plan Task Force

Jennifer Shewmaker, Ph.D.

Strategic Planning Chair

Adams Center for Teaching and Learning

Brown Library Room 256

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