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World Trade Center Reborn – Infographic

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Interesting visualization of rebuilding the World Trade Center site I came across on There are other interactive features on the site worth viewing, but please be aware the content is just as graphic and sobering as it was ten years ago.

8 Spruce Street | Gehry Partners | New York City

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8 Spruce Street by Frank Gehry (supposedly)
this is one of the few things of his i don’t really hate (another being the DZ Bank in Berlin) and it’s a skyscraper! double surprise. as with DZ Bank, i think it’s the way he works within certain constraints here that i enjoy.

Frank Gehry’s first skyscraper clad (or “draped”) in stainless steel curtain wall panels. Definitely more interesting as you get closer. Notice the use of any flat planes – including window planes – to reduce complexity (and cost) of the curtain wall.

You can read an article here and see a video about the creation, and coordination, of the curtain wall system.