Final Project: Beverages


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Team 1: Becca, Aaron, James, Corey, Caitlyn

Team 2: Rob, Andy, Matt, Scott, Blake

Team 3: Tanner, Britni, Con, Becky, Katherine

Team 4: Bryan, Erika, Jessica, Bonni, Richard

point of purchase

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i havent been able to find too many examples of POPs that i like. but i did find a site that has some samples that seem to be conceptually rendered. so it can give us an idea of how to do this ourselves. hope its helpful to some. it kinda got my mind rolling a little bit…



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Con He

Rob Eagle

Caytlin Crooms

Tanner Freeman

Scott Mise

Corey Hale

Matt Tate

Erika Ito

Britni Golden


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Erika Ito

Corey Hale

Con He

Caitlyn Crooms

Blake Arena

Paint Can Packaging

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Here are some inspiring ideas for paint can packaging. THIS LINK is just one entry in a blog about Alcro Paint. There are more paint can ideas throughout the entire blog – you just have to search around.

Ironlak Spray Paints

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This spray paint company has some sleek designs in very bold cans. The collectors editions are interesting ways to show color and their personality. The also have marker pens to match their aerosol cans.


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Here’s an interesting idea: an exhibition based on (Japanese-only) packaging design. It’s not always that we see a display of works like this — or how different is that from walking down in an aisle at the grocery store?

Another Design Site :)

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I was searching for coffee packaging and came across this image and went to their site for more inspiration. You should do the same!

THIS is the site.

Branding Site

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This site has lots of brands and their identities. Just look around. Theres some good pics of some good stuff.


Fresh off the… grill

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Persuasive Graphic students worked and redesigned Abilene’s own World Famous — Harold’s BBQ. They investigated and considered packaging design as brand identity.

Bryan Couchman

Becky Durham

Bonni Wattigney

Blake Arena

Jessica Floe

Rob Eagle