Zap that Zika | School of Nursing

Dr. Anita Broxson hand picked four of her senior nursing students to participate in a research project whereby they would create a survey, develop and produce a video, and provide a means by which they could determine whether or not individuals would be able to gain a better understanding on how they could keep from contracting the Zika virus. Turns out, they did a really good job in not only attaining their objectives, but with some help from the Innovation Foundry, they were able to reach a larger audience by making the survey digital and able to host it on a learning management system to be used in several missions courses. The four students shared their experience with faculty and staff during an Adams Center Luncheon, and were able to talk about how they learned a great deal about how to incorporate technology into their project to get the results they were looking for, but also how this project can now continue to exist beyond their time here at Abilene Christian University. They would also present their research at the National Conference of Undergrad Research in Memphis, TN, in April of 2017.