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What is LinkedInLearning?

LinkedIn Learning is a web-based training library ranging from photography, video production, 3D animation, educational programs, and lots more. LinkedIn Learning isn’t just for the techie type; many tutorials are designs for beginners to learn, innovate, and design new programs on their very own without the need of massive training or experience.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use LinkedIn Learning with their myACU login information from anywhere with an internet connection. With its unlimited access, on-the-go learning, and custom playlist options, ANY student, instructor, or staff member can learn an extensive variety of programs from the most basic to the latest technology applications. They can also share certificates for completed tutorials on their LinkedIn profile.

Here are some of the most popular training modules:

Microsoft Office

Word: Creating, editing, and formatting documents. Create stylish documents, collaborate with other writers and create numbered and bulleted lists.

PowerPoint: Creating, editing, and sharing presentations. How to build a slideshow and learn how to add and edit images, text, videos, graphics and animation

Excel: Covers the basics needed for entering data and organizing workbooks. You can also perform calculations with simple functions, build charts, format workbooks etc.

Access: The basic foundation of any database, and understanding table structures and relationships.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop: Perform editing tasks, cropping and tonal adjustments, noise reductions, sharpening and retouching.


Illustrator: Explores the benefits of using layers and symbols and shows how to edit text, draw in perspective, and much more.


InDesignTeaches you how to become familiar with the user interface, format objects, organize projects with layers, and build a multi-document book. It will also teach you how to print and export a document.


For more LinkedIn Learning tutorials on other Adobe applications, visit Adobe@ACU


Google Suite

Google Drive: Teaches the essentials of creating, formatting, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms with Google Drive. You will also learn how to work with your files and have tips on how to organize them and search them in your drive.


Google Sheets Essential Training: You will discover how to get around the interface, enter and work with data, and use formatting and function features.


Google Docs Essential Training: Take a closer look at Google Docs and discover how to build documents with rich formatting, images, and tables.


Google Slides Essential Training: Learn how to create high-impact presentations with Google Slides.


Google Forms Essential Training: Google Forms allows you to create surveys quickly and easily.